Mattel Case

Topics: Marketing, United States, Barbie Pages: 2 (645 words) Published: November 1, 2012
Case Study: Real Choices at Mattel

1. The decision facing Mattel is whether to continue to produce their products internationally where cost are low, or produce them in the United States where costs are significantly higher but quality is better. Mattel might want to even reconsider going global if there sales are decreasing more internationally than in the United States. Mattel needs to determine how many of the products produced internationally were recalled versus the amount of products produced in the United States that were recalled. Mattel also needs to decide how they are going to advertise their products in a way that will convince consumers in the external environment to buy their products, without having any uncertainty about the products containing hazardous objects that can harm their children. 2. Some of the most important factors in this decision facing Mattel is to first realize what consumers in the United States are looking for in a product and what consumers internationally are looking for in a product. Next Mattel needs to realize that they produced one of the most famous dolls around the world known as the Barbie doll, that was a big hit and every young girl had to have one. Mattel needs to take this into consideration when making their decisions so Barbie dolls aren’t being recalled next and leaving consumers even more unhappy with their company. Another important factor is social responsibly, Mattel’s focus is on children and they also need to keep this important factor in mind when making any type of decision regarding what they are going to do in the future. 3. An alternative to Mattel’s recall issues is to create a couple of new products that they think will be a big hit that will make up for lost sales from recalled products. They need to develop a whole new strategy for marketing their products that emphasizes on the safety and reliably of their products. Mattel should possibly think about discontinuing certain...
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