Chicago Tylenol Murders

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  • Published : December 21, 2012
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Chicago Tylenol Murders
By: Kelli Simpson_ MAN3554-12_Week9

The Tylenol Murders happen in the Chicago area in late September to early October, 1982.

Seven people died from taking Tylenol the youngest was 12 years old. Two firefighters

went to their supervisor and told them what they thought happen and this was that these

people died after taking tylenol. And so they went gathered the tylenol bottles and it was

tested and discovered that it was laced with cyanide there was enough cyanide to kill a

person that took it. So with this information and three local news stations the Chicago area was warned not to ingest tylenol.

With all of this Johnson & Johnson needed to act quickly. They needed to address the internal and external issues.

The company began by going to the public and announcing for the consumers not to take the Extra Strength Tylenol and begin the recall all of the over the counter pain reliever,

Although this cost them millions of dollars in sales and product. They announced a 100,000 reward on information that would led to the person that was responsible for this.

Johnson & Johnson, McNeil Consumer Products and it’s employees. By them coming and going public this showed the consumers that they cared about their safety first.

When they decided to make a tylenol comeback they made sure to be the first to do the tamper resistant package, they offered coupons this went on for about two months before the consumer felt it was safe to buy the product again.

A recall of a product can have many effects on the company, they lose sales revenue as well as clients and they lost a lot of money.

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