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Topics: Science fiction, Future, Fiction Pages: 2 (778 words) Published: May 8, 2013
‘0.4 presents a disturbing depiction of the future through the science-fiction genre that provokes us to reflect on the present. To what extent is this statement true? Consider the main issues in the text.’ The novel 0.4 written by Mike Lancaster presents a disturbing depiction of the future through its themes and issues to an extent in which the reader is provoked to reflect on the present through personal experiences. The composer’s purpose is to leave an impression on the reader through the use of the themes and issues being commented on about. Being a dystopian science fiction novel, the story includes several aspects of which includes aliens and futuristic technology which upgrades most of humanity from software version 0.4 to 1.0. A strong aspect that Mr Lancaster has focussed on in his novel is alienation. Alienation is the exclusion or isolation of one or more people and this issue is advocated in the novel through Mr Peterson, where he was alienated from the group of 0.4s because he was unpopular for his terrible acts every year in the talent show and the fact that he was slightly insane. This type of alienation is shown in the novel when “They had left Mr Peterson. He was still in the same spot as we had last seen him. He was all alone, curled up in a tight ball of his own fear.” The issue is incorporated into the novel with repetition and emotive language to evoke the reader to stop and reflect upon the present, where alienation may occur anywhere, from the playground to the street. Even though everyone has their own right to be unique, some with exceptional differences may be alienated from the others. The odd ones out would want to fit in, to retain a sense of belonging. That is known as assimilation and it is depicted in the novel through Annette, Fitting in was “all I ever wanted” and “there was a smile on her face as her body absorbed the letters of that terrible language” depicts Annette, who had felt like an outsider and had been alienated for...
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