Math Quiz Bee Questions

Topics: Complex number, Function, Real number Pages: 2 (484 words) Published: November 16, 2011
1. What is the formula of Circle in circumference?
Answer: C=2Π(radius)
2. What is a polynomial with exactly two terms?
Answer: Binomial
3.What is the formula for area of the Parallelogram?
Answer: A=(base)(height)
4.What is the reciprocal of the tangent function?
Answer: Cotangent
5.What is the numbers used to locate a point in space?
Answer: Coordinates
6. What is the point at which the axes of a coordinate system cross; the point (0,0) in the Cartesian coordinate system? Answer: Origin
7. Any one of the four regions into which coordinates axis divide a plane. Answer: Quadrant
8. What is the quotient of two polynomials?
Answer: Rational Expression
9. What is polynomial that cannot be factored?
Answer: Prime Polynomial
10. What is a function that can be defined by a polynomial? Answer: Polynomial Function

1. What is the y-coordinate or the second number of an ordered pair? Answer: Ordinate
2.What is a number that can be name with exponential notation as nx? Answer: Power
3.If an equation a = b is true, then a.c = b is true for any number c. Name this equation.
Answer: Multiplication Property of Equality
4. What are the terms whose variable factors are exactly the same? Answer: Like terms
5. What is the measure of angles?
Answer: Radians
6. Reciprocals are two expressions if their product is 1. Reciprocal is also called ______. Answer: Multiplicative Inverse
7. What is the acute angle that the terminal side of an angle makes with the x-axis? Answer: Reference Angle
8. What is the Greek letter or symbol that is used for summation? Answer: Sigma Σ
9. What is the property that can be proved?
Answer: Theorem
10.What is the parts of an algebraic expression that are separated by an addition or subtraction sign?
Answer: Terms

1. What is...
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