The Aims and Importance of Learning Provision for Numeracy Development.

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  • Published : April 13, 2013
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The aims and importance of learning provision for numeracy development. Numeracy is an important key part of our everyday lives.
The curriculum gives pupils a solid grounding in all aspects of numeracy. In early years numeracy skills are developed practically in shape, pattern, counting, sorting and measuring. Teachers in reception classes follow the Foundation Stage Curriculum which includes problem solving, reasoning and Numeracy for pupils 40-60+ months old. This is developed through pupils exploring, playing games and through teacher planned activities. The areas for Foundation Stage are: * Numbers as labels and counting

* Say and use number names in order in familiar contexts
* Reliably count up to 10 everyday objects
* Recognise numerals 1-10.

* Calculating
* In practical activities and discussion begin to use the vocabulary involved in adding and subtracting * Use language such as ‘more’ or ‘less’ to compare two numbers * Find one more or one less than a number from one to 10

* Begin to relate addition to combining two groups of objects and subtraction to ‘taking away.

* Shape, space and measures
* Use language such as ‘greater, ‘smaller’, ‘heavier’ or ‘lighter’ to compare quantities * Talk about, recognise and recreate simple patterns
* Use language such as ‘circle’ or‘ bigger’ to describe the shape and size of solids and flat shapes * Use everyday words to describe position
* Use developing mathematical ideas and methods to solve practical problems The National Primary Numeracy Framework for England and Wales includes 7 strands for Keystage 2: * Using and applying mathematics

* Counting and understanding number
* Knowing and using number facts
* Calculating
* Understanding shape
* Measuring
* Handling data

The School Numeracy policy follows the National Primary Numeracy Framework. As stated in the School Improvement...
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