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Topics: Want, Learning, English-language films Pages: 2 (440 words) Published: December 20, 2012
Autobiography P1

Ms .Miller
I’ve been living in NY for very longtime. Before I Moved to Medford I use to live in Sayville it’s like 15 minutes from here and I came here during my end of 3rd grade summer. In my family I have four people. My dad, my mom and my sister lives here. My sister is in Philadelphia for her 3rd year in college and she’s going be in medical school soon. My sister’s name is Jenny and she’s 20 years only right now. So pretty much I have a normal amount people in my family. I have many hobbies and interest in my life. Couple of my favorite things are, I like are cars (a lot), Movies, and playing sports at home with my neighbors. I like cars because it’s been my interest since I was very small and I still love them. I love movies because it’s fun and relaxing to watch and I like playing outside because it gives me great energy. I pretty much do anything I can during free time. One of my hobbies is learning and knowing a lot about cars because it’s very interesting to me. In school I don’t do much but I might start to do something that is interesting and helpful for my future. Recently I have no job but might get one during junior year. I have a few strengths and weaknesses in many different things in life. A few of my strengths are playing Xbox, reading books in quiet and pleasant area and global class is one of my good strengths in. I don’t really know my great skills it depends and I really don’t have that much talent but I do have few like knowing lot about cars. I’m good at many things but some stuff I need improve in. One thing I need to improve in is math because it’s little complicated to me but I hope it changes. I learn the best one on one depending on what subject. I enjoy playing math games which is easier to learn too for me. There many goals I want to accomplish. One goal I have I have is to get into AP classes in 11th grade and 12th. My go for math class this year is to get...
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