Problem Solving Essay

Topics: Elephant, Critical thinking, Asian Elephant Pages: 7 (2377 words) Published: January 20, 2013
Stop Poaching!

Ivine Gitau
Critical Reading & Thinking, Section 410
Mrs. Carole Harmon
November 28, 2012
Before Reading: Auditing Existing Skills and Planning Reading Goals

My purpose for composing this proposal to solve a problem analysis is that I want to create awareness to the problem I am writing about because it is a very serious problem. The problem has increased drastically throughout Africa for the past decade. I place a very high value on its intellectual, social, psychological, economic, and physical significance towards this certain world problem. If I am increasing my comprehension and recognition of proposal writing; I will improve my critical reading and thinking ability exceptionally for future papers.

When I start the plan section of the metacognitive analysis I need to manage my time when reading the article: so I can better understand the article and what it is about. I have to plan very distinctively for the plan section of the metacognitive analysis. To write my paper I am going apply A2OC2 to write the paper. This process will help me access information, retrieve certain facts that are accurate for the paper, and make sure that the article I am using is excellent quality. This process will make the article I used to write my paper credible. To get all that information and the process to understand the article requires time. I estimate that I will need two hours to completely locate the right article for my paper, retrieve important information to write the paper, read and annotate the article. Also add an hour to complete a summary and genre analysis for the article. I expect the vocabulary to be difficult for the proposal to solve a problem metacognitive analysis. There is a great amount of medical words in this article and I do not know what most of them mean. I need about a few hours of sufficient time to integrate the above tasks into the metacognitive analysis for my paper.

During Reading II: Transferring Cognitive and Critical Reading Skills to Discourse Community Selection

The way to use my newly acquired knowledge about proposal to solve problem arguments: is by managing my time better with my daily duties for a day. I can also have my resources ready around me when I need them for real-life situations in my chosen field. Another new skill I improved is critical reading and thinking: this skill will be very handle for my daily life actives. These skills will help me get prepared for my daily on-the-job tasks and real-life situations in my chosen field. That’s why managing my time and being prepared with necessary resources and having a critical reading and thinking about certain situations will help me understand them much better.

Gobush, S.K., Mutayoba, M.B., Wasser, K.S. (2008) in “Long Terms Impact of Poaching on Relatedness, Stress Physiology, and Reproductive Output of Adult Female African Elephants” claims that poaching of elephants has left a lasting effect on the reproductive output of adult female elephants. The authors talk about how great the impact of poaching has left on the elephants physically and psychologically. The poaching has reduced elephant populations from 1.3 million to fewer than 600,000 in less than a decade and that psychological damaged the remaining elephants. Elephants live in group settings especially females; but the elephants that their Matriarch has been killed because of her tusks, do not live in group settings anymore. The young elephants suffer the most because they have no matriarch to teach them. There are more elephants now that live separately from other elephants because that is what they know. They did a study on the female elephants that lived in the isolated area that there was a high rate of poaching and it showed that those elephants had a higher fecal glucocorticoid values than the elephants that lived in an area that had a low rate of poaching. The elephants that lack an old...
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