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Psychology 1A
Throughout the years the debate of “What influences behavior” grows more and more. Some people might say that is the genetics that may influence human behavior, others might say that it’s the environment, and there are just some people that say that human behavior can be influenced by both. Human behavior is what makes up the personality of someone, so to what extend do these theories influence human behavior. Human behavior can be affected due to genetics, environment, or it could also be influenced by both.

Society now days are starting to belief that it’s mostly genetics that influence human behavior. Why? Because they assume that since monozygotic twins share 100% of their genes, and the dizygotic share 50% of their genes, they must have the same behavior. Like the Minnesota twin study that was done in 1990 by Bouchard. Where the twins lived apart from each other all their life, and they still had so much in common. The twins were tracked down, and at the end of the research they came up with the conclusion that the twins shared the same personality, as well as occupational interests, and mental ability. Bouchard came to the conclusion that 70% of their intelligence was inherited, and the other 30% was from the environment. There was also another study done by Caspi et al in 2003. This was a study to come up with the role of the 5-HTT gene in depression after certain experiences. The researcher’s compared normal 5-HTT gene with those who had a mutation of the gene causing it to be shorter. The longer allele came out to be more frequent. This research helped psychologist come up with the conclusion that those who had the shorter allele tend to get more depressed after a certain event than those who carry the normal 5-HTT gene.

Even though the majority of the people believe its genetics that influence our behavior there is still a handful of people who believe it’s the environment that influences our behavior. Even though they are...
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