Masters in Project Management Research Proposal

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Research Project Proposal
To complete this research project proposal process, learners must locate a supervisor and submit a research proposal detailing the proposed research project to be undertaken before registering. The purpose of this research proposal is to help the learner design and plan a research project which the learner is interested in undertaking and to explain this project to other people. The proposal should include: • what you plan to do in your research • why this work is necessary or desirable • specifications for how you will do it • a persuasive argument that you are the right person for the position Your Supervisor will have the expert knowledge about your task, and will be best able to judge the merits of your objectives and plan of attack. The evaluators will be less well informed about the background and motivation of your research, so you will have to provide information that will help them put the details in perspective. No two proposals are alike, and there is no general recipe which, if followed to the letter, will guarantee a good proposal. Most proposals do share—or can share—a few common structural features, however. These are indicated by the headings below. A good proposal includes either a hypothesis (keep in mind that a hypothesis is not a foregone conclusion but a testable scientific idea) or a problem statement (a recognized problem in need of a solution). It is important to be realistic about the impact of your research project. While it may be unlikely that your project will result in a major breakthrough, indicate how it is a part of a research plan to address a larger scientific question. Do not repeat sections of your proposal as it can make reading a proposal difficult. If a point is important, revisit it, but not in a repetitious manner. PLAN AHEAD and provide yourself with enough time prior to the application/proposal deadline to prepare a quality product. Have a friend or family member read the proposal to determine if it is easily understood, well written and convincing. Please spell check your final draft and review your final

copy for content and presentation. Use an easily read font like Arial 10 point, being sure to include space between paragraphs and sections. Meet the application/proposal deadline as requests for extension of the deadline and/or failure to meet the deadline may be interpreted as a lack of ability on your part to get a project completed in a timely fashion. A good proposal will anticipate and answer questions that an informed (and somewhat sceptical) person might ask. A proposal of between 5 and 10 pages, carefully thought out and precisely worded, should be sufficient to make all the important points. To get an idea of the end product of such a research undertaking, it is advised that the learner has a look at completed dissertations and /or theses that are available in the university library.

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Research Proposal
Full Name & Surname: Student number: Qualification: Email: Contact Numbers: (W) (C) Supervisor:

1. Project Title
The title should be short but descriptive enough so that anyone reading it would know what to expect.

2. Introduction
The Introduction supplies sufficient background information to allow the reader to understand and evaluate the proposal of your work without needing to refer to previous publications on the topic. Choose references carefully to provide the most important background information. The following questions should be addressed in this section: • What is the general technical/application area in which you will be working? (for example Project Management, Risk Management, Information Security, E-Commerce, IT management). Reference should be made to any standards or de facto theories in the area. What is the general problem that you are trying to solve, and how did the problem arise? Provide proof that this is...
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