Master Paints Sales Objections

Topics: Difference, Competition, Marketing Pages: 2 (320 words) Published: April 23, 2013
Master Paints
1) Not interested in your product
2) I am happy with my current supplier
3) My boss won’t authorize anything
4) We have to use your competitor
5) I have got a cheaper proposal/quotation
6) Don’t have time to discuss this now
7) It is too much hassle
8) Doing business with them for years
9) Don’t see any difference
10) What makes you different
11) Why should I buy from you?
12) We just like your competitor product
13) Your price is way out of line
14) Your competitor does it for less
15) Cost too much to change your product

Buyer objection: I am happy with my current supplier
I quite understand how you feel Sir, some of our existing customers felt the same way before they started using our service,  what I’d like to suggest is that you use us on a trial basis. We could start the trial as soon as you want. Can we go ahead on that basis? Buyer Objection: have got a cheaper quotation/proposal

Approach No 1 - ask to see the competitors proposal to check that the buyer is comparing ‘like for like’. I do understand that the price is very important. So that I can understand how they have been able to quote a lower price on a similar specification what I’d like to do is look at their proposal to satisfy myself that you wouldn’t be getting a specification that is different from ours. Do you have a copy of their quotation handy?”

If your prospect declines to show you the proposal use Approach No 2 -

“I understand. Can you help me with this Sir? What I’d like to do is go through our specification with you and you can check it against their proposal. We can then highlight where the differences are in the specification. Do you have a copy of their proposal handy?”
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