Moving Forward in the Future with Starbucks

Topics: Coffee, Microbial biodegradation, Biodegradation Pages: 13 (2119 words) Published: March 11, 2012
Moving Forward in the Future With Starbucks

Ashford University

BUS402 Strategic Management and Business Policy

February 10,2012


This paper contains a three year strategic management proposal to Starbucks’ board of

directors. The proposal contains, my company’s back ground information, examples of

previous projects, samples of current projects, and future projected earnings. My proposal

includes brief detailed information on the committed staff working for WillandSteph

Incorporated. You will see the dedication they can provide for the Starbucks Corporation.

This proposal will open your eyes to the limitless possibilities there are for Starbucks. It

will show you that taking risks and making changes is a good thing. I’ve taken the facts

that I know about the Starbucks Corporation and used them to create a plan that is

consumer friendly, health conscious, environmentally friendly, and a sound investment.

Please allow me to open up your imaginations to how my company, WillandSteph

Incorporate, can move forward in the future with the Starbucks Corporation.

Moving Forward in the future with Starbucks

Beginning the Summer of 2012, WillandSteph Incorporated will begin implementing a

three year strategic management plan that will aide in the advancement of the Starbucks

brand. WillandSteph Incorporated has hired a management team that has guided our board

of directors and our staff through the rigorous and engaging strategic planning process.

This will help plan what is anticipated to be a period of growth for Starbucks.

The plan includes using environmental friendly products. The products are

biodegradable bags and plastic bag, utensils, cups and straws. Through our innovative

compostable label programs we educate manufactures, legislatures and consumers about the

importance of scientifically based standards for compostable material which is

biodegradable in a large composing facility.

WillandSteph Incorporated is an environmental friendly corporation that uses our

natural resources to make environmental friendly products. We promote the use and

recovery of compostable materials through municipal composting. We provide

information and resources to find the composer. Composting is a great way to give back

to nature and provide healthy nutrient-rich soil for future organic goods to grow. It continues

the circle and closes the loop . Even in nature it takes some things a long time to biodegrade,

so they are better off being recycled. Regular paper can take two to five months to biodegrade,

plastic-çoated paper milk cartons take five years, nylon fabric stays around for thirty to forty

years, aluminum cans can last eighty to 100 years, and glass can take longer than a million

years to break down.

WillandSteph Incorporated opened their doors in 1992. We began our business in Baton

Rouge, Louisiana. Our company began with four employees and now we employ over

eighty two thousand. We have facilities is all fifty states including Canada. We also have

facilities in China, Sweden, Austria and Africa. WillandSteph is a global giant in the

environment friendly market. Large companies such as Walmart, Target and Peet’s Coffee

have sought our expertise in the business of biodegradable material. Each business has

profited greatly on our advice. By using our products and advice , the projected profit

Margin this year for each individual company is well 3.5 million dollars. Our company

uses our aggressive expansion strategies to push out much of our competition. Through

our expansion, WillandSteph has focused on creating a dense network of stores all around

America, while also opening up new locations all around the world. By leading the retail

biodegradable material market, WillandSteph is able to sell its products and advice for a

premium price and...
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