Master of Arts in Global Communication

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Master of Arts (Global Communication)
The Chinese University of Hong Kong
School of Journalism and Communication

The School of Journalism and Communication at the Chinese University of Hong Kong launched the M.A. in Global Communication program in 2005. Being one of the first of its kind, this program focuses on international and China-specific phenomena related to globalization and communication and provides enhanced learning for those who endeavor to work in areas such as media, education, NGOs, management, and research.

In recent decades, China and the world have witnessed a boom in journalism and communication education at the postgraduate level. The long history and experience in providing communication training, together with Hong Kong's unique position of being a "cultural meeting point between East and West", places our School in a strategic position to offer a program that meets the needs of a global age.

The growing affluence and influence of China create not only great needs of Chinese students to understand the outside world but also a great interest of overseas students to understand China.

In this program, we strongly believe in the combination of theory and practice. The core courses focus more on theoretical training in globalization and communication phenomena like global media flows, transnational (forced) migration, transnational circulation of media formats and practices, or social advocacy and new technologies.

The elective courses enable students to strengthen their practical skills related to communication practices in new technologies, public relations, journalism, or social advocacy, focusing on Hong Kong and China, seeing local issues through a global lens and vice versa. Students can now also choose to specialize in the streams Global Media or Social Change and Advocacy. Students can apply their theoretical knowledge through case studies, research projects, field trips, and by living in the international and multicultural environment of Hong Kong, Asia’s global city.

The program also offers internships in Hong Kong and organizes field trips to international locations like Taiwan, Singapore, the UK, and the U.S. We strongly believe in educating critical thinkers, who are able to reflect on ethical and structural issues beyond existing theories and practices.

Learning Objectives

Students will be able to

• broaden their scope of knowledge about globalization, (new) media, and human communication • be sensitized to issues and debates about global communication in Greater China and worldwide • explain globalization and communication phenomena through the prism of global political, social, economic, and cultural processes such as (forced) migration, media policy, ICTs, multiculturalism, or the political economy of global media corporations • critique current global trends

• solve problems in intercultural work settings
• learn best practices for working in teams
• develop professional or academic careers in diverse fields such as the media industry, business, NGOs, government, and education  Graduates 

Our graduates have found employment in a broad range of fields, such as journalism, NGO, and intergovernmental organization work, PR, marketing, commerce, finance, and education. The training they have received in the Global Communication program has prepared them to interact with and respond to a large number of situations and people. Overall, the critical thinking skills, knowledge, and experiences gained in the Global Communication program have provided them with the necessary tools to thrive in today’s competitive job market, and more importantly, to do so with informed knowledge about and respect for other cultures and lifestyles.

All courses are taught in English

Course Descriptions (Required Courses)

Globalization and Communication

Analysis of national or cultural patterns of communication and media system. Emphasis will be...
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