Massey Hall and Co.

Topics: Sound, Ear, Sound pressure Pages: 2 (436 words) Published: February 20, 2013
Dear Massey Hall and co,

In the times that I have attended a concert, held in either the Roy Thomson Hall or Massey Hall, the performances and sound have been immaculate. However, a few things have been brought to my attention that I would like to alert to you about. I have been studying physics and the current unit in sound has given me insight information as to why some of the sounds that I hear have actually been damaging my hearing. I’ve noticed this happened because the sound waves have such high decibels that the human ear cannot sustain the sound levels for a certain period of time. I also noticed once I leave the concert there seems to be ringing in my ears which isn’t a very good sign. Another problem I found is there is a design flaw with the acoustical design of your concert halls. The human ear takes in a normal conversation of about 40-65 decibels, which isn’t very loud and can withstand around 85 decibels without receiving permanent damage. Comparing this to rock concerts such as yours, the recorded decibels are around 115 decibels. This can cause permanent damage if sustained at long intervals; normally rock concerts can go for around 2-3 hours maybe even longer. This would be damaging your cilia which can permanently destroy the nerve ending in your ear. Also, the design of your acoustical concerts affect the volume levels drastically so a person who is higher up may actually perceive the sound to be less decibels than it actually is; meaning they might not be able to hear the sounds as well as someone up front although, they will be hearing it too loud. A good idea to fix all of these problems would be to use some type of sound insulator such as headphones, something that blocks out all the extra un-necessary noise and static, I have found that while wearing headphones, I can still hear at a comfortable level while still enjoying the concert at the same time. One last alternative would be to lower the volume overall so everyone can have an...
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