New York City and Carnegie Hall

Topics: F. Scott Fitzgerald, Andrew Carnegie, Carnegie Hall Pages: 1 (330 words) Published: April 22, 2013
Carnegie Hall
“Ladies and gentlemen,” he cried. “At the request of Mr. Gatsby we are going to play for you Mr. Vladimir Tostoff's latest work which attracted so much attention at Carnegie Hall last May. If you read the papers you know there was a big sensation.” (Fitzgerald 54). For over a century, Carnegie Hall has been the place where distinctive artists of all stripes have come to make their names in New York City. (The Carnegie Hall Story) Andrew Carnegie was the founder of Carnegie Hall. Andrew and his wife Louise Whitfield were on their honeymoon when he came up with the idea for the hall. (The Carnegie Hall Story) In 1890, he laid down the first cornerstone. They worked on Carnegie Hall until it was finally finished in the spring of 1891. The building was a resemblance of buildings in the Italian Renaissance times. (The Carnegie Hall Story) Many famouse people have performed at Carnegie Hall. Carnegie Hall is a world famous concert hall. (The Carnegie Hall Story)

F. Scott Fitzgerald has impressed many readers with the famous places he's put throughout the book. In chapter 3 he uses Carnegie Hall. Carnegie Hall as many know is a very famous music hall. Fitzgerald uses the hall when they're at one of Gatsby's famous parties. The band leader refers to the sensational piece Gatsby has requested for them to play by Mr. Vladimir Tostoff. Gatsby's goal in life is to impress everyone. When the leader of band tells the crowd that they're going to play a sesational piece that attracted so much attention at Carnegie Hall he just looks to impress the crowd even more. He's already impressed them enough by his extravigant parties, he just wanted a little something more. Fitzgerald uses many allusions throughout the book. He used Carnegie Hall very good. It makes Gatsby look even better for his party guests.

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