Mass or Undifferentiated Marketing

Topics: Marketing, Ford Motor Company, Advertising Pages: 2 (614 words) Published: November 13, 2012
Mass or undifferentiated marketing refers to the market coverage strategy that enterprises determine to neglect the market segment differences and use one product to pursue the whole market (Tyagi & Kumar, 2004). The company only produces a product. The firm will rely on extensive distribution and advertising in order to broadcast its product and appeal a large majority of consumers’ attention. The biggest strength of undifferentiated marketing is to save cost(Sandhusen, 2008). Coca-Cola can make full use of the single product line to produce enough products in order to meet the consumers’ need. Only in this way can Coca-Cola reduce the cost of production, inventory and transportation. Moreover, this strategy does not pay more attention to market segmentation. So companies not only do not spend capital in researching the but also establish special organizations to manage and plan market segmentation. So this strategy is beneficial for companied to cut down on a lot of middle links and intermediaries. Only in this way can enterprises reduce the cost of marketing research and the cost of management. However, the strategy is not perfect. With the rapid development of society, the strategy’s weakness exposed day by day. As consumers’ actual situations are different, consumers have different demands for products. But, because mass marketing ignores the differences of market demands, it can not meet the diversified demands of the consumers. Moreover, consumers’ needs are not machine-parsable. Their needs will change with the change of incomes and time. It is impossible that one product is accepted by consumers in a long time. Because of Coca-Cola’s changeless taste, it will let some consumers lose the desire to buy Coca-Cola. This strategy is easy to let Coca-Cola’s competitors find its breaking point and make the Coca-Cola lose some consumers. It will let Cola-Coca fail in intense competitions. In addition, the biggest advantage of this strategy can strengthen the...
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