Mass Epiphany: Life is to Live Once

Topics: Death, Mass media, Meaning of life Pages: 2 (573 words) Published: December 17, 2012
Jason Yang
English II/ Period 5
Mrs. Taylor
December 4, 2012
Life is to Live
It seems as though a mass epiphany has struck the global youth, an all-consuming realization that you do, in fact, only live once. Apparently, this concept proves shocking to the average teenager. Within the past few months, Drake’s infectious motto has swept the globe, ubiquitous on social media sites and a common chorus in high school hallways. Abuses of YOLO are, consequently, a threat, as it has increasingly been deemed appropriate to cite the contemporary proverb as a defense of asinine behavior. Twitter and other mass media websites overflows with variations of “[Insert lapse in judgment] #YOLO” as tribute to the inspirational axiom, the range of such lapses startlingly expansive. To some people, YOLO means ordering the fries instead of a salad; for others, it’s an excuse to sleep around and do whatever they want. But the phrase YOLO has a much more deep meaning than its literal meaning, you only live once. How many times do you live? To answer this question you need to first answer what “living” really is. To me living is being a human being on earth, with their beating heart, living life. But to other people, you can still be considered “living” as being a spirit wandering around to nowhere whether it’s in heaven or whether it’s in hell. I do believe in life after death, but I do not consider it as living. People frequently say YOLO this and YOLO not considering what this phrase really means. People need to think carefully, is this the only time I would breathe or even is this the only time I would shake someone’s hand? After death, you might be buried into a cemetery, getting constant visits from living people. You might be cremated, blown into the wind, soaring through the air, wandering to nowhere. Are you alive after you’re dead? The answer is no, you can only live once. But being a spirit does not mean that you are living, it means that you are dead, trying to...
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