You Only Live Once

Topics: Psychology, Mistake, The Mistake Pages: 2 (561 words) Published: December 6, 2010
“You Only Live Once”
Everybody these days say, "You only live once" but have you ever taken the time to look at why? Kids, teenagers, and a few adults that live by the modern terms pursue their actions upon this saying. Each individual is different, we all think differently based upon what we do, how we were raised, the culture were brought up in, and other factors that relate to an individual’s life. Not everyone is going to think why we live once or if we live once do we get an after life? Some cultures actually believe in re-birth but that is a different subject. My opinion toward this question is based on my beliefs and the actions that I have taken to achieve to this mental status. I believe we all live once to attain a successful endeavor that not only provides the necessities for yourself but can facilitate to those that are near you. Mistakes are bound to happen when pursuing this successful role toward “only living once” but knowing the difference between knowing if a mistake will happen and having a mistake happen during your actions that take place is different. For example you could be studying for an exam in math and English but decided to study for math because you assume you will do more poorly at it than English because you have always been average in Math and English is not a problem, so as test day comes and you take the math test you seem to not have a problem but as you took the English exam you take longer because you had not equally balanced the study time and had not focused on what the exam was really going to be so you did poorly on the subject you thought you’d do well in, that is a mistake that was not done without knowing. An example of just knowing the mistake is when your hanging out with your group of friends and your offered a substance you are not suppose to abuse and have thought about a wrong factor that may interfere with your actions if you follow the steps of your peers but even as that thought came across you do it anyways...
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