Mary Kay Objectives

Topics: Sales Pages: 1 (299 words) Published: September 7, 2010
30 facesShare the product with 30 women in your first 30 days and earn a datebook coverMelissa SvihraErica LiberatoreLiliana RamosMaria BedoyMelissa MichelsKara MoellerAlissa WodekSarah AbbyAggyLindaRebecca MuchSue Tellez Bre StetkeKaren ReaberMary TheisDeb | 5 interviewsHand select 5 women to call Jamie’s marketing hotline live or recorded (from July 19-July 31 and earn an awesome ring)1.Melissa Svihra2. Maria Oliver3.Lauren Picciala4. Mercedes Lepe5.Kathy Petersdorf| Order InventoryAlso track your Star Consultant Status ($1800 w/s or above) in order to earn fabulous prizes_______ w/s by end of July| MoneyEarn a trendy, black money bag when you sell $1000 retail in your first month. Submit your weekly accomplishment sheets each week on www.marykayintouch.comMy Sales Goal for the month $__________| 6 Meetings in a RowAttend 6 Monday night Success Meetings in a row with no skipping, and you can choose a cocktail ring1._____ 2._____ 3._____ 4._____ 5._____ 6._____| Recruiting GoalI will add __1__ new team members to my team by the end of the month! I will be a….Senior Consultant 1-2 recruitsRed Jacket 3-4 recruitsTeam Leader 5 or more| Monthly challengeLuauAugust 28th 7pmBe a Golden Girl ($1000 w/s order in July) or add 2 recruits to qualify to attend the Luau with NSD Jamie Vrinios(Register at to attend Friday & Saturday)| Monthly challengeHawaiian PJ PartyAugust 28th 10pmBe a Golden Girl ($1000 w/s order in July) AND add 2 recruits to qualify to attend with NSD Jamie Vrinios| Item Selling ChallengeComplete selling $200 w/s and 25 items, 400 w/s and 50 items, 600 w/s and 75 items OR 800 w/s and 100 items to earn fabulous monthly prizes. Tracking form at| Contest Tracking for Consultants_July 2010
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