Mary Dyer

Topics: Massachusetts, Anne Hutchinson, Mary Dyer Pages: 2 (691 words) Published: May 9, 2013
In the seventieth century there was a memorable and courageous woman who died for her beliefs. She was a very well educated woman. She was a Quaker and a very outspoken one may I add. She was also a supporter of Anne Hutchinson, a very prominent woman in America back then. She was hung for defying a Puritan law which banned Quakers from the colonies. This woman’s name was Mary Dyer.  Not much is known of Mary Barrett Dyer’s early life. On October 27th, 1663 the first known history of Mary Dyer was noted. She married William Dyer, a very successful merchant, in London. William and Mary added on to the family by giving birth to six children. In 1635 they all migrated to the Massachusetts Bay colony where they had been accepted as members of the Church of Boston. They both realized they found themselves in a place full of controversy involving antinomianism which is holding under the Gospel that moral law is not useful for salvation because faith alone can only accomplish this. Another Quaker woman in Boston, Anne Hutchinson held regular religious meetings at her house where William and Mary often attended. In 1652 Mary and her husband traveled to England where they remained for five long years. This was when she became a Quaker. She had then returned to Boston to spread the message of the Quakers but was sadly imprisoned. Luckily her husband, since he had not adopted the Quakers customs was able to set her free.  Mary dyer was a woman who fought for what she believed in. She was executed almost multiple times. She had two companions when she returned to Massachusetts after being expelled. They were William Robinson and Marmaduke Stephenson. They were both condemned to death for trying to lend a voice to all the other Quaker‘s out there being condemned to death.. She returned to Rhode Island to plead for Quaker’s lives. Dyer was very close to being executed herself but her son had saved her. They did not feel it was right to execute a woman then. Her ways of...
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