Life of Anne Marbury Hutchinson

Topics: Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Anne Hutchinson Pages: 1 (371 words) Published: September 20, 2012
Anne Marbury Hutchinson
By: Ryan Cox

Anne Marbury Hutchinson was a Puritan woman who believed she knew the New England ministers were not teaching the truth to their Puritan followers and that she knew the real word of God. She quickly grew a following of both women and men. This sparked major controversy in the new colony because she was the first woman to speak her mind in a society where women were not allowed to do so. People started to get fed up with her antics so she was put on trial and later sentenced to banishment of the colony of Boston. In March 1638 Anne, her husband, and her children moved to Rhode Island, then a year later Anne’s husband died so she moved to New York where she was killed by Indians. The authors of this article, Willard Sterne Randall and Nancy Nahra, wrote this because they wanted people to learn about the life of Anne Marbury Hutchinson and how ahead of her time she really was.

Anne Hutchinson was the first women’s rights activist in America. In the 1600’s, women were treated as second-class citizens in Europe and America. For example, in the article the bishop of London tells his clergy to “preach vehemently against the insolence of women and to condemn their ‘wearing of broad-brimmed hats, pointed doublets, hair cut short or shorn’.”(P. 3). In this quote the bishop wanted his men to tell everyone how rude women are and how they need to stop wearing weird hats and to keep their hair long. Back then that is how women lived, constantly under scrutiny from what the church said was the right way to live. Everyone assumed that what the church says must be true because it is the word of God. Anne Hutchinson changed people’s perception on what the word of God really is. She believed that women and men should be equal.

In conclusion, the article that was assigned is a factual piece of writing about Anne Marbury Hutchinson that leaves you to analyze what...
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