The Lives of Colonial Women

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The Lives of Colonial Women

The Lives of Colonial Women

I. Introductory paragraph
A. Early life in 1800’s
B. Thesis statement-background, pressure and impact
C. Hardships of group of workers
II. Point #1 (Background information on the women’s life) A. Expected to sew,clean,care,and raise children
B. More than eight children
C. Put permanently on household duties
III. Point #2 (Pressures of being a women in colonial times) A. Social pressure to marry
B. Not married by 25 were socially humiliated
C. Widows better off, had control of property
IV. Point #3 (How it affected America)
A. Worked just as hard as men
B. Inspiration
C. Hard workers
V. Conclusion
A. Restate- background, pressures, how it affected America B. impacted today
C. ensure survival


The Lives of Colonial Women
Life in the early 1800’s was difficult. One of the hardest group of workers were the colonial women. Some of the interesting and needed to know parts of the colonial women were the background of their lives, the social pressure that they were under and how the group affected America; These are all very important elements of the period.

In the 1800’s women’s work exhausting, difficult the society was unappreciative. Women who couldn’t afford slaves to help were put permanently on household duties. Women would cook, clean, make clothing, take care of domestic animals, hunt, fish, and protect their family. There was a lot of work to be done as a colonial woman, especially since most had more than 8 kids to take care of. The wife of a family was an essential component. Without a strong and productive wife a family would struggle just to survive. Yet even though women had worked extremely hard day in and day out to ensure care of their family they were not allowed to speak among men, could not vote, and could not take part in government decisions.

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