Martin Luther and His Views on the Catholic Church

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  • Published : April 7, 2008
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Martin Luther had several positive impacts on the Reformation. For instance, putting

the immorality of the Catholic Church under microscope and later coming to a

revolutionary idea that will limit their power. One aspect of the Catholic Church that was

challenged by Martin Luther were the indulgences the church was selling in order to build a new church in Rome. Indulgences were the selling of prayers or authorizations in order to get a relative or love one out of purgatory and to their final resting place. The dishonesty of the church generated a response from Luther. His views on religion were drastically different from the Catholic Church due to the fact, he believed salvation was merited if a good heart is present and had faith in Christ’s promise of salvation. He also believed in reading the bible, studying it, and interpreting the content themselves rather than it being recited by the Pope and told what to believe. The practices of the Catholic Church were fraudulent and Martin Luther was determined to invent a new institution of Religion in which would give the worshippers a better environment to worship in. With the invention of the printing press his ideas spread rapidly and his followers also increased. As a result, the other component of Christianity emerged, what is known as Protestantism. This was the must significant impact of the Reformation. Another impact was the spread of Protestantism throughout Europe. The new religion spread from Germany, where Martin was from and spread to England causing a revolt in Catholicism. BIBLIOGRAPHY

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