Martha Mccaskey Case

Topics: Management, Business ethics, Employment Pages: 1 (393 words) Published: September 10, 2012
After analyzing the case, I believe that Martha should not pay Devon $7,000 for the proprietary information. Even though Martha has been promised a pay raise, a promotion and a bonus by her managers to close the Silicon 6 deal, she must stay true to her consciences and not proceed with the meeting. In fact, I recommend that she resign as a member of the IAD division of Seleris and search for a job at a different consulting firm. As an outsider looking in on this situation, I believe that Martha has right to behave ethically in her job. By being forced to behave in deceptive way by her management, her employer is not adhering to their duty to provider their workers with a fair and ethical work environment. Therefore, Martha’s interest of behaving ethically and truthfully is not being met by her employer. Additionally, the IAD department is not fulfilling their duty to the other departments of Seleris and behaving in accordance with the firm’s ethical guidelines. Furthermore, I believe that Martha will be acting virtuously by standing up to her management and accusing them of unethical behavior. This courageous behavior may lead to the end of her career at the IAD division of Seleris, but this may not be a bad thing. After learning more about the organizational culture of the firm, I do not think Martha will receive her “promised promotions” after closing the deal. I base this assumption off of what happened to her co-worker Kaufmann. In the case, it states that Kaufmann is not only continually taken advantage of by upper management, but he has also never received his promotion to “group manager,” even though he was promised this position numerous times by his superiors. Additionally, the firm’s culture is very deceptive by nature. It seems as though the central importance of Richardson and the IAD division is to maximize their personal profits. Although this greedy environment does bring a large amount of money to the firm, this cash never trickles down...
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