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Name: suzi freitas

I m a miller wrapper at PERGO. We make flooring, wall bases, stairnoses, quarter rounds etc. I would like to know about the rights of an employee over his/her employer, when it comes to take few hours off in two days in a week, for he/her educations. This is about me and my employer. I was working with them for 3 years and I used to be one of their potential workers. And then I took a decision to continue my education. First we didn’t have any policy that says that nobody will be allowed to take few hours off during day time for he/her education. When I went to talk to them about my schedule at school they told me that there is no way to grant me of my request. And they came up with two options that I couldn’t get profit from. They asked me to resign at my job and then focus on study or else drop my classes and keep my job. Then I went to the unemployment office to ask them if there isn’t a way to fight my right to keep my job or if there is something that needs to be done so that I can get my unemployment checks in case the let me go. The unemployment office told me that the job as a priority over my education in this case, meaning they can’t help me. I had no other options but to resign at my job; but deep inside of me I felt cheated, I still want to be clarified of this kind of issue in the legal domain. My concerns today are based on the existence of laws that can help an employee to win over his/her employer in similar cases. What an employee should know in order to not get cheated. I made researches on employers and employees rights; here we will have some knowledge in how to deal with the similar cases and we will know if this case is considered as ethical or unethical behavior. With my research from “AVVO (Expert Advice When You Need It Most)”; website ( Published Legal Aid Society-Employment Law Center we will have enough resources to know what are our...
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