Marriage in Canada

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  • Published : December 4, 2012
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Canadians from coast to coast look for any excuse to either host or attend a good celebratory party, and when it comes to interesting cultural wedding traditions, Canada has a few unique ones. Some are certainly not unique just to Canada, but are alive and well in the Canadian provinces and northern territories and practiced at a large number of weddings in Canada. Other wedding traditions Canada style, used to be popular but are slowing falling out of favour, perhaps due to their overly formal nature and the country’s current laidback joie de vivre. Weather and Geography Plays a Part in Canadian Weddings

Like any other country around the world, there are distinct wedding traditions that are sometimes dependant on their regional location across the great Canuck nation. From the rugged east coastal lines of Newfoundland to the glorious western ocean vistas of British Columbia, Canada is a diverse country in terms of its people and its weather systems – both of which influence wedding traditions. However, no matter what province or territory the wedding is taking place in, one thing is for sure – Canadians sure know how to throw a party and that certainly includes the engagement celebration, bridal shower, bachelor party and of course, wedding ceremony and the reception. Canadians are known the world over to be a nation of kind, generous and hospitable people. Naturally, that means that Canadian weddings can be some of the most memorable nuptial affairs on the planet. Like many countries, white wedding dresses and a formal dinner following the wedding ceremony are still very popular. In Canada, reception toasting often takes on the form of a `bride and groom roast’. The best man, maid of honour, father of the bride and brother of the groom stand at the head table, and tell funny (often embarrassing) stories about the bride and/or groom, before offering a best wishes toast with wine or Canadian pilsner spirits from a favourite local brewery. Old World Canadian...