Marriage and Family

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  • Published : March 19, 2013
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The word “love” is derived from Germanic forms of the of Sanskrit lubh (desire). Eros (Greek erasthai) Is used to refer to the part of love constituting a passionate, intense desire for something: especially sexual desire. Nature of love means the common, normal attributes and outcomes of love. One of the elements of love might be that "it is blind." A person in love is often "blind" to the bad or negative things about the person they love, meaning they just don't realize the negatives. Romantic love is deemed to be of a higher metaphysical and ethical status than sexual or physical attractiveness alone. The idea of romantic love initially stems from the Platonic tradition that love is a desire for beauty-a value that transcends the particularities of the physical body. For Plato, the love of beauty culminates in the love of philosophy, the subject that pursues the highest capacity of thinking.  Another nature of love is the Physical, Emotional, spiritual. Some may hold that love is physical, i.e., that love is nothing but a physical response to another whom the agent feels physically attracted to. Behaviorism, which stems from the theory of the mind and asserts a rejection of Cartesian dualism between mind and body, entails that love is a series of actions and preferences which is thereby observable to oneself and others. Expressionist love is similar to behaviorism in that love is considered an expression of a state of affairs towards a beloved, which may be communicated through language (words, poetry, music) or behavior (bringing flowers, giving up a kidney, diving into the proverbial burning building), but which is a reflection of an internal, emotional state, rather than an exhibition of physical responses to stimuli. The ethical aspects in love involve the moral appropriateness of loving, and the forms it should or should not take. The three basic elements of love is passion, intimacy and commitment. According to Stenberg there are...
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