Marquis M. Converse

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Marquis M. Converse is an entrepreneur, founder of Converse. About Converse Converse origins of the company date back to 1908 when Marquis M. Converse opened the factory in Massachusetts called Converse Rubber Shoe Company. The factory initially produced only rubber soles for all types of footwear since 1915, however, focused on the production of tennis shoes from her and moved smoothly to produce shoes for basketball. And here starts writing legend. Year 1917, the year he saw the light of day Converse All-Star. Unbelievably innovator shoes that brought in, at that time, a relatively young sport - basketball, lots of new features and ideas. , four years later, the company made ​​a brilliant move Converse, employs basketball player Chuck Taylor All-Star who wore as her favorite shoes. In addition, players is becoming a trader company Converse and brand design. On all models Converse - Chuck Taylor All-Stars appears his signature sneakers ever confirms a legend. Connection and Converse Chuck Taylor sneakers in the world became indivisible. Converse as one of the first manufacturers in the world and sneakers Chuck Taylor as a basketball superstar of his time. Present Converse Conversky most famous are forever All-Stars, but the list of models of this brand does not end. Became less popular as basketball shoes from 1986 that bear the name The Weapon. The model also underwent Weapon reissue, the first in 2002, when they came to the ceremony itself Teen Choice Awards Kobe Bryant and the other in 2003 under the name The Loaded Weapon. All models from Converse is produced for years in a wide variety of colors and finishes. Converse was one of the first trainers in the world and certainly will not be the last. At least take care of it, Nike, Converse brand that already own some that Friday. Chuck Taylor All Star - (also known as "Chucks", "Cons", "Conies") are shoes of 20 century that it all began. The original canvas and rubber boots classic Chuck Taylor All Star is the...
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