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Topics: Marketing, Chuck Taylor All-Stars, Nike, Inc. Pages: 2 (489 words) Published: April 24, 2011
Umbro business environment has changed in the last three years since under Nike. Over the past three years the company has used Crystal Reports from SAP Business Objects to deliver operational information to both UK and US operations in support of its global business. As the company looks to achieve further international growth and extend its product range into the leisurewear market, Umbro needed to extend its business intelligence infrastructure beyond static reporting to provide users with interactive information query and analysis capabilities. The company is based in the U.K. and they are trying to expand their business to the U.S. and Hong Kong.

For over seventy years Umbro has been in business making appeal for football, now that they are trying to go global for the last three years they are going to make different thing. They are doing this so that they can have a diverse organization that caters to others sports other than football. Umbro has been improving their technology so that they can be more reliable to the customers. Umbro has also got where they can do business online and make it where they are selling products in bulk. Umbro got it where the teams in the World cup buy from them.

Umbro was a struggling company but with a different business plan they made a turn around. Umbro is aggressively trying to spread their business across the world. They are growing very rapidly. They have made a product were it is useful for all soccer/ football players across the world, and with Nike’s help they will be expanding different products over the next few years.

Converse which is another one of Nike subsidiaries companies, its global business environment is starting to expand. They are going with a new business product that is make mine red. What it allows you to do is to customize you a pair of chuck Taylor’s. The Company's marketing strategy is centered on the Converse All Star brand, which is positioned as the American performance brand with...
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