Marketplace Report

Topics: Marketing, Laptop, Desktop computer Pages: 3 (954 words) Published: November 30, 2012
To:Bob CEO
From:Robert Buffone, President, Iron
Re:Marketplace Report
Date:November 20, 2012

The market segments that were targeted are Travelers and Mercedes. The first brand I tried to sell was a portable laptop for the Travelers market. I assumed that it would have been a big hit since none of the other competitor brands created a laptop, only desktops. Compared to my competitors, Travelers accepted the laptop with the least amount of software instead of my product with all of the software bundled into one. Their design only had Presentation software as to my design had everything including Database, Bookkeeping, Engineering, and Manufacturing. They had standard Computing power, where I had High speed as well as an expanded keyboard. So I assume that the Travelers market wanted a simple laptop computer with only one Presentation software installed and also they did not want a fast high speed powered laptop either.

With my second brand I tried to target Mercedes and I customized the design to fit their specified needs. I switched the design into a desktop instead of a laptop and I installed all of the top equipments into it besides the extended keyboard and the wider screen. I assumed I met the requirements that Mercedes wanted in a computer design but instead the competitions designs were more attractive despite not having the best parts.

My initial design was a portable laptop targeted for the Travelers market with Office software, high speed, high capacity, all software except games, and an expanded keyboard. I then realized that Travelers market was too small of a market to run after, so instead, I targeted Mercedes. Going after the Mercedes market meant that there needed to be a design change specifically aimed to their needs. I then discontinued the laptop design and turned it into a desktop with all of the upgraded components except the 19” monitor and games software at a component cost of $1,419. I assumed having all of...
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