E-Commerce Report

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Chapter 1

The project is a interactive website for movies from all round the world. The purpose of the website is to provide a hands-on, easy-to-use information about all movie details at the click of a button. The website can be developed to be a large database which enlists movies which are famous internationally, and also those which are local favorites. The scope, therefore, is again that any movie detail can be found without much hassle. The website offers complete control to the registered user and he can buy movies tickets ,search for movies and provide appropriate feedback. It also provides tons of features such as a shopping cart for multiple movie ticket buying sections for buying dvd title of the movies etc. The user can post his comments about the movies on the website and interact with movie buffs from around the world.

Chapter 2
Problem Definition

The project is an online movie store where people can buy movies tickets as well as dvd titles. The user will be able to point out any suggestions if present, interact with other users request for movie titles which are not available on the website, post comments on the listed movies subject to the administrator’s consent. The proposed project helps find movies tickets to any thaetres across any location of the multiplex. It also keeps the recent movies posted to the user so that he is aware of any new movies which he might like by emailing him about them and sending out sms’s. There are in general 2 main sections :-

1)Movie Ticket buying
2)Dvd Title Shopping
The above sections will be available only to the register user. All the products are classified according to the brand and after selecting the particular brand product customer can do the online transaction using the shopping card.Regarding any query or doubt the customer can contact to us on through help section or contact us section which is there in homepage.
Chapter 3
Requirement Analysis
3.1 User characteristics
• No pre knowledge of html
• No pre knowledge of database management
• Should be familiar with internet
• Should know English
• Should be able to use and do according to the graphical user interface

3.2 Constraints
• There is no maintainability of back up so availability will get affected.[2] • Limited to HTTP/HTTPS
• No multilingual support.

3.3 Specific Requirement

3.3.1 User Interface

• A browser on computer of user’s (student) machine is the interface. • All pages of the site act as GUI for web application.

3.3.2 Software product features

• Centralized database
• Effortless & easy evaluation

3.3.3 Performance Requirement (Non – functional Requirements) It should withstand overburden of multiple users

3.3.4 Software system attributes (Quality Requirements) Maintainability:
Database is separated from main application so that its contents can be easily updated. Portability:
Application can be easily moved from a server to another very easily and efficiently. Recoverability:
Backups (of database only) can be used to recover from crashed state Security:
Login IDs for customers are sufficient for security. No user is not allowed to modify the database.

3.3.5 Logical database requirement:
MS access database contains the logical structure of Application
Chapter 4
Site Map

Chapter 5
Software requirements
The computer should be equipped with any of the mentioned web browsers .The user should also update to newer versions of the browser when available to...
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