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With an average of 15-26°C temperature, Baguio is the best escape from the sweltering heat of a tropical country like the Philippines. Because of this, the American soldiers used the city as their retreat spot when the country was under its rule. This explains the traces of American roots in many of Baguio's landmarks. Tucked in the mountain ranges of Cordillera, it is locally known as the “Summer Capital” and is a favorite destination especially among families. However, there is more to Baguio than just its cool weather. It is gifted with a variety of cultural, historical and scenic attractions that make it an important and interesting destination, favorite by local and foreign tourists, whole families on vacation, honeymoon couples and large convention groups. Boasting great natural beauty, chilly weather, a tourist-friendly people and extraordinary vistas, the City of Pines is the culmination of our search for the idyllic escape from the tropical heat of the Philippine lowlands.

Preparation before the Trip
The Summer Capital of the Philippines often has many tourists and visitors during the summer months of the country. Aside from summertime, visitors also flock the city during the colder months of the year like December. People love the cold and refreshing weather of this city. Luckily, our group has given the chance to travel to Baguio and experience the wonders and luxury that this place can offer.

* What We Brought
Each luggage consists of items listed below.

* Jacket, coat or sweater, scarf, shawl or any suitable wrap * Headgear: hat or cap
* Sunglasses
* Comfortable walking shoes
* Outdoor clothes
* Umbrella (for when it rains and for the sun shines)
* Evening wear (the night life can be pretty good)
* Camera (Of course!)
* Specific Outfits and gear to match our favorite recreational activity: golf, horseback riding, skating * Toiletry items
* Personal stuff like make up for girls and prescribed medications * Towel
* Underclothing

We also bought P 1 000 worth of snacks and food for our long road trip to Baguio. A day before our departure, Karla and Jane went to SM Lipa to buy our road snacks. * Our Car
Because of the generosity of Miss Barbara Bituin, our instructor, our group was able to use the 2012 Toyota Super Grandia Leather. With its 4-Speed Automatic Transmission, 102 PS at 3600 rpm, and 11 seating capacity, this vehicle provides a luxury lift for us to Baguio. It is also cozy inside the van and provides maximum security to its passengers.

* Our Driver
Our driver is Manong Dino Dimatatac. He is a driver for 10 years to any point in Luzon. He has been to Baguio for several times. He accepted the job for P 6 000.00 including the Toll Fee. * Vehicle’s Safety Check

The night before our trip, our driver was able to make a safety check of our vehicle such as: * that all lights (headlights, brake lights and indicators) are in working order * that wipers, washers and horn operate properly

* the fan belt condition and tension
* the brake and clutch fluid levels and battery water level * the cooling system and hoses
* the oil levels (and check for leaks)
* the tires (including the spare) are inflated to the pressure specified for your vehicle.

* Our Allowance
With an allowance of P 7 000.00 for each student, we were able to have P 56 000.00 on hand for our trip to Baguio. It is more than enough to have a wise spending at Baguio and to see and experience all its beautiful spots. So let us buckle up and start our long yet happy and enjoyable journey to the Summer Capital of the Philippines, Baguio.

DAY 1| December 7, 2012|
Time| |
3:00 AM| Call time. Meeting place is at San Sebastian Cathedral located at CM Recto Ave., Poblacion, Lipa City. Each member started to arrive one by one. All is excited for the long trip since it's our first time to Baguio.| | |

3:30 AM|...
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