Marketing Strategy for Nokia

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Marketing Strategy for Nokia

Target customers and Products: The product I want to discuss this week is the phone of Nokia. Nokia is a mobile communication products multinational company, headquartered in Finland. Nokia occupied the world first of share of cell phone sales position by several years. There are 12 different series of phones are designed and produced by Nokia. Each series are for different targeted customers. For example, 3-series phone is more suited for young people. It designs move of feeling, and price cheaper; E-series phone is designed for business people. It designs as a smart phone and works for business customers. Fashionable and successful customers are more preferred to N-series phone because it combines of fashion, multi-function and business. Price: The price of Nokia mobile phone, according to the difference of the price level, divided into high, middle and low three grades. The low end of the market is pricing in below $150; the second level of prices is between $150 and $500; and then more than $500 for the high-end market. Each Nokia cell phone has its brief life cycle. Seven hundred kinds of cell phone sell in the Chinese market, but its life cycle is only half a year. The pricing strategy of Nokia is in production and marketing costs allow the psychological pricing. It maximum avoids price competition. Placement: Before the year 2000, the sales channel strategy of Nokia is to find a national distribution agent, the manufacturer to the market by general agent shop goods. After the 2000 year, the mobile phone sales channels appeared in cell phone supermarkets, professional chain stores, and home appliance of chain enterprise. Nowadays, customers also can purchase online. These emerging sales channels avoid the intermediate distributors so that they can save much more purchase cost. Promotion:

As the one of the most popular slogans, Nokia slogan is "Connecting people", which lead multi-function mobile phone market for...
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