Marketing Research - Perception Towards Tata “Nano”

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Report: Perception towards TATA “Nano”

1. Table & Graph 1.1 Table & Graph 1.2 Table & Graph 1.3 Table & Graph 1.4 2. Table 2.1 Table 2.2 Table 2.3 3. Table & Graph 3.1 4. Table & Graph 4.1 5 Graph 5.1 6 Graph 6.1 7 Graph 7.1 8 Graph 8.1 9 Graph 9.1 10 Graph 10.1 11. Table 11.1 Table 11.2 Demographic Analysis Gender Age Distribution Profession Income Group Factor Analysis KMO and Bartlett’s Test Total Variance Explained Rotated Component Matrix Awareness of TATA Nano Responses over Awareness Acceptance Level of TATA Nano Responses over “Liking” and “Plan to Buy” Name Justifies the Product Showing Responses over Name “NANO” “Bike” over “NANO” Showing responses for “Bike” over “NANO” Feature that inspires the purchasing decision for “NANO” Showing responses over the features Preferred Color Showing responses over most preferred color Recommendation of “NANO” Showing responses over Recommendation of “NANO” NANO as Dream Car Showing responses over NANO as Dream Car Cluster Analysis Final Cluster Centers No. of Clusters in each case


Report: Perception towards TATA “Nano”

Executive Summary
The research was conducted to find out the perception of the mass towards “TATA” Nano. The research was done completely for academic purpose for the course “Research Methodology”. The Research’s main objective was to find out the awareness level, acceptance level towards “NANO” and the major factors affecting the purchase of a small car like “NANO”. The research was based on both primary data collected through survey using questionnaire and also through secondary data like journals, magazines and articles. Almost 100 respondents were interviewed using a structured questionnaire. The data was collected from different areas of Bangalore like BTM, Kormangla etc. The data was tabulated using excel sheet. The data analysis was done through tables, charts, graphs and some of the statistical tool like factor Analysis, cluster Analysis. The software package used for the data analysis was SPSS 14.0.


Report: Perception towards TATA “Nano”

TATA Group Profile
The Tata Group comprises 98 operating companies in seven business sectors: information systems and communications; engineering; materials; services; energy; consumer products; and chemicals. The Group was founded by JRD Tata in the mid 19th century, a period when India had just set out on the road to gaining independence from British rule. Consequently, JRD Tata and those who followed him aligned business opportunities with the objective of nation building. The Tata Group is one of India's largest and most respected business conglomerates, with revenues in 2006-07 of $28.8 billion (Rs129,994 crore), the equivalent of about 3.2 per cent of the country's GDP, and a market capitalization of $66.9 billion as on February 21, 2008. Tata companies together employ some 289,500 people. The Group's 27 publicly listed enterprises among them stand out names such as Tata Steel, Tata Consultancy Services, Tata Motors and Tata Tea have a combined market capitalization that is the highest among Indian business houses in the private sector, and a shareholder base of over 2.9 million. The Tata Group has operations in more than 80 countries across six continents, and products and services are exported to 85 countries. The Tata family of companies shares a set of five core values: integrity, understanding, excellence, unity and responsibility. These values, which have been part of the Group's beliefs and convictions from its earliest days, continue to guide and drive the business decisions of Tata companies. The Group and its enterprises have been steadfast and distinctive in their adherence to business ethics and their commitment to corporate social responsibility. This is a legacy that has earned the Group the trust of many millions of stakeholders in a measure few business houses anywhere in the world can match.


Report: Perception towards TATA “Nano”

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