Marketing Research Focus Group Report

Topics: Focus group, Retailing, Shopping Pages: 26 (9051 words) Published: October 31, 2010
***Please note that the Problem and Research Objectives for this project were changed since the last report was handed in. For a definition of this new problem and its accompanying research objectives, please see Appendix A.

1. Primary Qualitative Research

1.1 Methodology

The qualitative research for this project included both focus group and in-depth interviews. All participants were females since that is the demographic towards which Rocco is catered and included both some of its existing and potential consumers. Each focus group and set of interviews was divided according to four different age segments: those under 20 years old, those in their twenties, those in their thirties, and those over 40 years old. These age ranges were chosen to include Rocco’s current target market (ages 17 to 34) as well as other age segments for which there might be a future targeting opportunity. Segments were divided by age to comply with the method already used by Rocco’s owner which accordingly fits his understanding of the industry, and additionally, because it is the most objective way of classification since the segments can be clearly identified and as such avoid any potential ambiguity. The research also included both anglophone and francophone respondents since there is a difference in their buying habits, as indicated by Mr. Wazana. If this difference does in fact present itself then the findings will give a better insight as to how to target both groups. In addition to the previous, the viability of capturing consumers outside of the downtown Montréal area where the owner currently limits himself was put to the test and participants included consumers from various places in Montréal and its suburbs such as Laval. Given our resources, it was more feasible to conduct focus groups with participants in their twenties and over forties, and to have in-depth interviews with those in their thirties and under 20 years old. Focus group

To obtain more qualitative information regarding the Rocco brand, two traditional focus groups were organized (Please see Appendix B). These focus groups were conducted to gain insights into the needs and attitudes of each set of consumers when it comes to shopping, and thus to acquire deeper understanding as to which target market is most suited to Rocco’s current marketing strategy. The focus groups were conducted with one group of 20 year olds and one group of over 40 year olds. The first group, group A (Please see Appendix C), was composed of five participants, four of which are currently enrolled as students, and one who is a fashion designer. All five of these participants were of Canadian nationality. Two of them resided in the South Shore, two in Laval, and one in the West Island. While four of these participants spoke English as their first language, one did not and accordingly, the focus group was conducted in both French and English. However, all participants understood both languages and the group dynamics was not affected by any language barriers. Please note that for the purpose of this project, any French answers have been translated into English and retain the main ideas obtained in the discussion. The focus group was held for a total of 90 minutes. The second group, group B (Please see Appendix D), was composed of five women over 40 years of age. Two of the respondents held occupations related to finance, one in accounting, one in teaching, and another was an assistant administrator. Like the previous group, all were of Canadian nationality. Two of these participants were from Laval, while the others resided in Prévost, Lorraine, and Morin-Heights respectively. The focus group was administered in French, since that was the preferred language of all participants. Note once again that all of their answers have been translated into English as accurately as possible so as to keep thoughts expressed in the discussion. Group B’s focus group was also held for 90 minutes. While...
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