Research Proposal Dutch Shipbuilding Industry

Topics: Research, Organization, Scientific method Pages: 8 (2258 words) Published: October 28, 2011
1.0 Introduction
1.1 Research topic

1.2 Problem statement

1.3 Objective of the research
1.4 Objective of the research
1.5 Research ethics
2.0 Literature review
3.0 Methodology
4.0 Time plan
5.0 References
6.0 Appendices
PROJECT TITLE AND SUMMARY (limited to 100 words)

This paper deals with organisational structure and the impact it has on various dimensions of communication, such as information flow, several communication channels and their richness and the correlation with the structure of the `DAMEN` shipbuilding branch in Vlissingen, The Netherlands. As it is only possible to review a limited amount of literature, this study can only offer a snapshot of the research field. However, it does enable the authors to discover possible directions for future research. Most importantly, this study makes a novel contribution, as it provides the first attempt to identify the emerging research on organisational structure and communication in the shipbuilding field.


1.organisational structure
3.communication channels richness
5.rapidness of information flow
6.upward/ downward communication



1.1.Research topic

Our research proposal deals with organisational structure and communication channels within the shipbuilding branch in Vlissingen (Damen Shipyards Group).

1.2.Problem statement

As explained in theory, the communication in companies with a diversified organizational structure tends to be one-way orientated. The headquarter gives orders to the divisions “to make them conform with its needs” (Mintzberg on Management, free press, 1989). It makes sure that the divisions execute tasks according to the mission and vision of the enterprise. Decisions are being communicated from the top down until they reach the operational divisions. It is stated that there are only restricted possibilities for employees to give feedback in order to improve the company performance. This is, amongst others, dependent on the media richness. Therefore a lack of possibilities to improve the company’s performance is possible. There has not been systematic study of the relation between organisational structure and information flow in the shipbuilding industry

1.3 Objective of the research
To analyse the problem the objective of this investigation is to conduct research on the organisational structure of the “Damen” branch in Vlissingen (Principles of organizational Behavior by Slocum and Hellrigel). The aim is to outline possible obstacles in the communication process and to provide directions for future research (Principles of organizational Behavior by Slocum and Hellrigel).. It also, partly, reflects the aspect of innovation. Mintzberg’s “Theory of Organizations” is used as the foundation of our study. 1.4 Research questions

To realise our aim we are going to answer the following main question: To what extend does the organisational structure influence the communication within Damen, Vlissingen? Sub- questions:
a)What defines the organisational structure of Damen?
b)To what extend is the communication influenced by the structure? c)To what extent does the information flow in our theoretical assumption fit the information flow at “Damen”? 1.5Research ethics

In “Research Methods for Business Students” ( Mark Saunders, Philip Lewis, Adrian Thornhill; Prentice Hall, 2007) research ethic is defined as follows: “ The appropriateness of the researcher’s behaviour in relation to the rights of those who become the subject of a research project, or who are affected by that.” To find out if our research is ethically we answered following questions:

Will the respondents be taking part in the research voluntarily? oOur contact person is pleased to support us in our research. •Will the respondents be fully informed in advance of the purpose of the...
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