Marketing Research Course Outline

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  • Published : December 15, 2011
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Course Outline


The main objective of this course is to inculcate research acumen by imparting, skills sets required to conduct research in the area of marketing and consumer behaviour. The course contains the methodical theories, procedures and tools / techniques required for carrying out research in various functional areas of the organization. Also, it tries to imbibe basics of statistical software package SPSS among the students to make them good in analyzing and interpreting the problem under study.


The course will focus on both individual and group learning. Class discussion, lectures and presentations thereof, and a project will be some of the learning methods.


1. Naresh K. Malhotra, Marketing Research: An applied orientation. New Delhi: Pearson Education Asia.


2. Nargundkar, R. 2008 . Marketing Research: Text & Cases. 3rd edition, New Delhi: Tata McGraw Hill.

5. Session Plan

Sessions| Topics|
1-3| Introduction to MR- classification of MR, MR process, Nature, introduction to SPSS 14.0 software in research| 4-6| Research Design – Definition, classification of research-exploratory, descriptive, causal research, Emphasis on exploratory research and primary data collection using Qualitative and Quantitative methods, Survey and Observation techniques.| 7-8| Measurement and scaling – Types of scales (nominal, ordinal, interval, ratio) and scale evaluation techniques (reliability and validity)| 8-10| Developing Questionnaire – Definition and process in depth| 11-13| Sampling – Definition, size, unit, etc., classification of sampling- probability and non-probability techniques | 14-16| Data collection, preparation, analysis and reporting – tabulating, hypothesizing, testing (chi-square, correlation, regression), interpreting and analyzing etc., | 17, 18| Guest lectures and presentations|

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