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Marketing Management
Fruit Juice Industry

Analysis of Brands

Sana Waqar
Wajih Zafar
Wasae Shahid
Saad Sultan Kayani
Ali Zaheer
Bilal Siddiqi
Aleena Ahmed
Chaudhry Zeeshan
Syed Mehr Ali

Ms. Arsala Stanley

Research Objective3
Area of Focus3
Brand 1: Minute Maid Pulpy Orange4
The Minute Maid Marketing Mix5
The Mix7
Brand 2: Fresher Juice8
The Fresher Marketing Mix9
The Mix11
Brand 3: Nestle Fruita Vitals12
The Nestle Marketing Mix13
The Mix15

Research Objective

In a modern competitive environment, price is not the only differentiating factor between products in a category. The rational consumer seems to have become a thing of the past. Such an environment breeds way for more competition, branding and increased creativity. The aim of this research is to understand and analyse the variety of marketing mix used by different brands and how they help position the product, eventually adding to the brand image and translating into revenue.

Area of Focus

This report will focus on three players in the Fruit Juice Industry: * Minute Maid Pulpy Orange
* Fresher Juices
* Nestle

Brand 1: Minute Maid Pulpy Orange

Minute Maid is a product line of beverages, usually associated with lemonade or orange juice, but now extends to soft drinks of many kinds, including Hi-C. It was the first company to market orange juice concentrate, allowing it to be distributed throughout the United States and served year-round. The Minute Maid company is now owned by The Coca-Cola Company, and is the world's largest marketer of fruit juices and drinks. Minute Maid entered the Pakistani market in 2008 with the same advertising concept that had been used for the Indian consumer i.e "where is the pulp?" as both markets are considered similar. It is only in a span of two years that Minute Maid has posed as a threat to already established brands like Nestle and Shezan. Interestingly, until only a few months ago the only offering from the house of Minute Maid/ Coca Cola was Minute Maid Pulpy Orange which has established itself as the premium choice for orange juice drinkers in the country. Minute Maid has the strongest recall value among consumers as per marketing and promotional campaigns. It has also been identified as the only orange juice in the country that provides a ‘pulpy’ taste; something that Nestle Orange did not offer. However, the entry of Minute Maid is seen by many as late as a lot of beverage companies are already present and the brand had only one offering to its name until recently.

The Minute Maid Marketing Mix


Consumers undoubtedly trust the product quality of Minute Maid Pulpy Orange. For orange juice drinkers, it is the best option available at any given time due to its pulpy and rich taste. Even though some consumers do not appreciate the pulp, that is the core of the product and the reason why millions purchase Minute Maid Pulpy Orange and this is the market the juice caters to; and successfully so. There appears to be no problem with the product quality which is considered the key to the success of Minute Maid


The 500ml pack of Minute Maid Pulpy Orange is priced at Rs.________. Since the brand caters to SEC B mostly, the pricing appears to be fair. Even though ideally, consumers would want such a drink to be priced atleast 5 – 7 rupees cheaper, this price gives a fair idea of the quality, content and positioning in the market as a premium quality juice. A reduction in price may signal otherwise.


Distribution and placement is the main issue that consumers face. The product is not readily available in the market. Frequent consumers know in what shops to look for because the juice is not available except for in major stores...
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