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University of the Southern Caribbean
School of Business
Principles of Marketing
Take Home Assignment on Chapter 13-16

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Refer to the scenario below to answer the following questions.

Section 1.

In the 1970s, Shipshewana was only a small town with a hardware store, a grain mill, a shoe store, a small restaurant, and a grocery store. Over the next two decades, the small town transformed into an international tourist attraction, attracting thousands of tourists who are intrigued with the lifestyle of Shipshewana's largest population the Amish.

Ben and Mary Miller, having grown up within the Amish faith, decided to capitalize on their town's popularity and their woodworking skills. Their shop, Indiana Wood, began with a small display of handmade hickory rocking chairs, Ben Miller's specialty. But within a few months, the display at Indiana Wood included picnic tables, flower boxes, and small handmade novelty items. No other shop offers the same.

Mary Miller decorated the shop's display room with authentic Amish décor and eventually hired three Amish friends to sew and embroider napkins and other textiles per customer request. In addition, two women from the Amish community sought permission from the Millers to display home-baked pastries and jellies on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, the town's busiest tourist days, when Shipshewana attracts swarms of visitors to its flea market on the south edge of town.

"Shipshewana is full of specialty shops," Mary Miller stated. "People don't come here to buy things made in China or Taiwan. They want real, Amish-made goods."

1.Indiana Wood is best classified as a(n) ________ retailer. A) full-service
B) self-service
C) limited-service
D) discount
E) off-price

2.Which of the following is most critical to Indiana Wood's success? A) place
B) price
C) differentiation
D) store atmosphere
E) services mix

3.The Amish decor and shop workers give customers an authentic impression of the pride and skill built into the shop's products. These aspects also contribute to the store's ________. A) product assortment

B) services mix
C) atmosphere
D) segmentations
E) targeting

4.Which of the following would be the most logical way for Indiana Wood to expand? A) establishing an online presence
B) pursuing retail convergence
C) implementing RFID inventory tracking
D) establishing a community-gathering environment in the store E) joining a producers' cooperative

Refer to the scenario below to answer the following questions.

John Mayes opened Sparkle Janitorial in 1999. John began by acquiring two contracts for office cleaning services from two local manufacturing facilities. For two years, John and his wife, Barb, performed the cleaning services alone. After acquiring three additional cleaning contracts in 2001, John hired two employees. "Up to that point, we had room to grow but we really had no advertising plan," John stated. "We were relying mostly on word-of-mouth." By 2003, Barb hired another two full-time employees to begin Sparkle's new endeavor: carpet cleaning in homes and offices."Competition was getting tough for both of our services at that point," Barb added. "We ran a local radio spot three times each week. Then we had an advertiser print coupons on placemats. That gave us a little more exposure." John and Barb Mayes admit that they never realized the value of a sound promotional plan before now. "We wish we would have put together something catchy with a jingle way before now," they said.

5.Which of the following would be the LEAST effective way for John and Barb to reach new potential customers? A) word-of-mouth influence
B) buzz marketing
C) public relations
D) network television advertising
E) direct marketing

6.In a recent radio spot, John and Barb gave a quick explanation of Sparkle's cleaning process and a description of the...
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