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Marketing project





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1.The situation analysis3
1.1.The environment (Demographic, Economical, Natural, Technological, Political, Cultural, Legal forces)3 1.2.The industry4
1.2.1.Rivalry among existing competitors4
1.2.2.Threat of new entrants5
1.2.3.Threat of substitute products5
1.2.4.Bargaining power of suppliers6
1.2.5.Bargaining power of buyers.6
1.3.The firm6
1.3.1.The company mission7
1.3.2. The company objectives and goals………………….....7 1.3.3The business portfolio7
1.4.The marketing Process for one company’s offer9
1.4.1.The marketplace :9
1.4.2.The marketing strategy12
1.4.3.The marketing program13
2.SWOT analysis18
3.Evaluation of the company’s marketing strategy and recommendations19 BIBLIOGRAPHY21

1. The situation analysis

1. The environment (Demographic, Economical, Natural, Technological, Political, Cultural, Legal forces)

Miko is one of the biggest brand on the ice cream market. Before studying the company, we are going to look at the environement, the ice cream market. Miko is part of the Unilever group, Unilever is one of the three worldwide group on the market with Nestlé. Those two different groups are composed of the major ice cream brand, for example Unilever (Miko, Carte d’Or, Ben and Jerry’s…) and Nestlé (Mystère, La Laitière…)

(MDD = Marque de distributeur for example carrefour, auchan…)

In 2002 ice cream sales reached 13 billion litres in the world. The biggest producers are the USA with 61 millions hectolitres for 2002, and the other big producer is China with a production of 24 millions hectolitres. France is far from this standard with less tan 2 millions hectolitres a year. The largest consumers are off course American people with 22.5 litres a year just behind we can find the Canadian and the Australians with 17.7 litres.

Every brand have is own strategy, we can speak about Haagen-dazs who commercialize luxury ice cream. Miko has the particularity of dealing whit sevral different segment of the ice cream market.


Miko commercialize ice cream on all those segments exept the luxury one. That one of the reasons of the success of Miko, is capacity of diversification. The ice cream market had always had to deal with two big problems, the fact that people consume ice cream mostly during summer, and the fact that some societies have different culture of ice cream consumtion. For eample french consumption reach six litres of ice cream during a year, in comparaison american people consume around twenty-two litres a year.


To conclude the environmental part let’s talk about the way of consumption of ice cream, it deapends on witch society you look at. the graph just over shows us the place where french people consume ice cream. We can see that they ot a little bit more ice cream at home but it’s nearly the same thing. Compare to other countries like USA it’s a really different way of consuming ice cream, because american people are used to consume ice cream mostly at home. This is one of the important fact of the ice cream market, because consumer behaviour are influencing packaging, a home consumption product do not require the same package that a outdoor ice cream.

1.2.    The industry
1.2.1.        Rivalry among existing competitors

The ice cream market is highly concentrated. There are three multinational corporations which represents 80% of the market:

- Unilever (Miko, Cornetto, carte d’or, solero, magnum, ben & jerry’s, vienetta ) - Nestlé (La laitière, Frisco, Extrême, Motta, Mystère, Sveltesse) - General mills ( Haagen Dazs)

As we can see, this market is an oligopoly. However, rivalry is very strong: the three of them are focusing to increase their share market. The main strategy is to acquire other brands to enlarge their client range of...
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