: Marketing Planning for Smart Phone

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  • Published: May 3, 2013
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Company hTC
ProductSmart Phone – One x
VisionTo enabling a customized user experience based on the belief that each mobile device needs to fit its owner, and not the other way around MissionTo be a world’s leading Smart phone developer by 2015.

In today’s fast growing marketing of Smart phones where mobile phone life has become shorter day by day due to the technology and innovation and the consumer behaviour change. It is very difficult to keep your product alive for a longer period. In these days people are looking for a new product which is user friendly and fulfil their requirements. Consumers are looking forward for a product which has everything in it and is handy, so the hassle of taking several gadgets with them while travelling is removed. People in this growing market need a much faster, easy way of communication through different channels using one device. They look forward for the device which is status symbol and moves with today’s fashion.

Today’s marketing is not has changed a lot from which it was in 10 years back when mobile phones where rarely used. Even the marketing strategies are also changed; companies use different strategies to promote their product, using different channels. Previously mobile industry the competition was less and the manufacturers don’t have to develop different marketing strategies to promote their product. They just had to deliver their massage through a proper channel to the public. Like the old mobile phones, companies use to communicate their message to the large public as ‘reliable and easy source of communication, long battery life, strong signals’. But in now a days that is not enough. Manufacturers have to go beyond and promote their products. In a modern world where media and internet are strong source to convey your message, companies uses it positively and promote their product showing them the features of their new product, style, new innovation and how to use any new feature. By promoting...
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