Marketing Plan "Naughty G" Energy Drink in the Maldives

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Marketing Plan: Naughty G – Work hard, Play harder - in Male’, Maldives 1.0 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY
The Marketing plan is intended to launch and promote a new energy drink, “Naughty G”to the Maldives market. The plan outlines the pros and cons of supplying Naughty G from Singapore and distributing in Maldives showing sales figures and viability of the venture. 2.0 THE CHALLENGE

3.1 Vision/ Objectives
The objective is for the product to be amongst the leading energy drink brands and to be the most consumed energy drink, locally. In the long run, make available the best value for money deal in the Maldives. 3.2 The product: Naughty G

As Naughty G is a product of Austria, produced from premium ingredients to ensure highest quality, it is considered as the first of its kind in the world. It is a non-alcoholic energy stamina and performance drink for ‘him and her’. Naughty G comes in 4 flavours that have a great unique taste: Original, Sugar Free, Green Tea and Cola. The main ingredients the drinks are made of are from; Horny Goat Weed, also known as Rowdy Lamb Herb, Ginkgo Bilbo, Trubulus Terrestris, Korean Ginseng, L-Arginine and Taurine. (Source: 3.0 SITUATION ANALYSIS

4.3 Company Analysis
Hakatha is a proprietorship established in the Maldives for 25 years now ( Throughout the year the establishment has imported goods from Singapore regularly and has established close connections with trading agencies in Singapore. With the proprietorship’s past experience in imports, having equipped with own team to handle logistics, Hakatha has grown into a renowned wholesale and retail chain of build-ware outlets in the Maldives. A sister company, Marvel Investments Pvt. Ltd. owns and operatesa city Hotel and a Restaurant in Male’ ( and another sister company, Transco Pvt. Ltd. owns an island and developedit into luxury tourist resort in the Maldives through a leasing and management agreement ( The proprietorship has been heavily involved in theseventures in the past and these connections of tourism industry are crucial in obtaining inside information and would assist in penetrating the tourist market. Hakatha has vast experience in the build-ware business, and now wishes to add beverages to its profile, leveraging closely on its sister company’s hospitality and F & B experience. With the existing team and additional marketing staff, the company is confident to handle the situation. 4.4 Customer Analysis

Sale of Naughty G is focused for all genders, as highlighted in their slogan ‘SUPPLEMENT DRINK for him & her’. The selected target age group would be from 15 to 35 year olds. The energy drink can boost ‘Energy, Stamina & performance’. The consumers of the drink would expect to be active, sporty and looking for ways to boost their energy levels. The focus would be on promoting building of stamina, strength and alertness amongst local athletes, sportspeople, fellow students, colleagues at work, tourists enjoying night life and fishermen roughing out on sea. In general, every person seeking for that extra bit of life within them would be potential customers. Tourist arrival to the country per annum is more than the local population. The tourist spending power is high as the Maldives tourism targets luxury tourism. It would be important to link to the tourist industry as well as the local community.

4.5 Competitor Analysis
Main competitors of Naughty G in Maldives would be Red Bull and Power Gold. They are well established in the international as well as the local market. The two brands conducted aggressive marketing and promotional campaigns in the local outlets, with free merchandises, signboards, mini fridges, posters and promotional campaigns and shows in selective local outlets. Furthermore, they have introduced ‘mocktail mixes’ to the local restaurants to...
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