Sports and Energy Drink Market

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  • Published : September 25, 2011
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Sports and Energy drink market is amazingly growing hence consumers and businessmen have started showing interests in this market. Energy drink market has increased because people are working almost 24 hours in a day just to make a livelihood, so it’s difficult to work hard without sleep, rest or energy source. This is one of the reason people made energy drinks as part of their life relying on energy from energy drinks, ultimately contributing to rising energy drinks market. Market players are concerned in improving their ingredients and contents for extra stamina to work without experiencing fatigue. Sports and Energy drinks entered the market with Striking names, attractive slogans, and expensive marketing campaigns and currently holding a significant portion of beverage industry. They are available everywhere, offered alongside soft drinks in vending machines, convenience stores, and grocery stores. Sports and Energy drinks are meant to supply mental and physical stimulation for a short period of time. Energy drinks are used by end users for a different of reasons such as to boost energy, reduce thirst, mix cocktails, flavoring smoothies. Energy drinks are located on adjacent shelves in stores to traditional sports drinks like Gatorade and Powerade reinforces such an assumption of optimistic relationship between their uses. Both sports and Energy drinks have managed to maintain their popularity during economic recession, in spite of their high and negative publicity due to caffeine content. Many end users are still prepared to pay the higher price due to their purposeful reimbursements. Sports and Energy drinks are forecasted to continue smash in the soft drink market Sports drinks provide carbohydrates and electrolytes. The carbohydrates supply the muscles with fuel during exercise. The main electrolyte is sodium, which improves the drive to drink and can assist with fluid replacement. Flavored drinks increase palatability and can assist with fluid...
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