Marketing Plan

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Boh Tea is under BOH Plantations Sdn Bhd. And it is the leading tea grower in Malaysia with four tea gardens – Boh, Sungei Palas and Fairlie situated in Cameron Highlands, and Bukit Cheeding in Selangor – constituting a total land area of 1200 hectares. With a production capacity approaching 3000kgs per hectare, the Company produces 4 million kgs of tea annually which translates to about 5.5 million cups per day. This represents about 70% of all tea produced in Malaysia.

BOH dominates the domestic retail market. While maintaining its market position locally, the Company is also expanding into foreign niche markets. Today BOH exports its brand of prime grade teas to various countries including the USA, United Arab Emirates, Japan, Singapore and Brunei. The Company is one of the few vertically-integrated tea companies in the world. It has operations ranging the entire spectrum of tea manufacture - from cultivation and processing to the packaging and marketing of its wide range of locally grown robust black teas.

The marketing objectives are to identify the market situation, to identify the product competitors and their strategies, to know in depth and well about the product strength and weakness. To solve the problem encountered and identified by the company, and to find out the consumer needs and wants. Besides that, used the marketing strategies to create a new advertising, promotional strategies to enhance the product market with a new fresh idea to attract people to buy this Tea Boh Apple Mints in the future.


BOH’s operations are mechanised while application of fertilisers is carried out aerially and harvesting is done by hand-held machines or raised tractor harvesters. Each of BOH’s tea gardens has its own processing facility and the Fairlie tea garden utilises some of the most modern machines in the world. BOH also packs all its tea at its packing facility in Bukit Cheeding. In keeping with its commitment to quality, BOH conducts long-term research and development to ensure that only the best tea clones are cultivated. In-house tea quality teams are at hand to ensure that strict quality requirements are met at every level of processing.

BOH believes in playing an active role in the community and is keen supporter of the local performing arts scene. The Company is also an advocate for animal and environmental conservation.BOH has won numerous awards. The Company’s packing facility in Bukit Cheeding received the ISO 9002 certification and the Company was awarded Superbrand status three consecutive years in a row.

2.0.1 Product Introduction

Tea also can be considered as the most Malaysian favourite nowadays. Boh has created many types of tea. Tea which is have five flavour in market and it is Blackcurrant, Green Tea, Orchard splash, Lemon Lime and also Peach. The industry for Tea BOH Apple Mints now is average even had so many competitors with other brands. Competitors like Lipton, Nestle The Wangi Ros, Teh Orang Kampung. With good advertising strategy will normally boost up the sales. This is because people nowadays just not buy a product based on the brand and price, but they are also more attracting to the promotion of the product that’s going on. Tea BOH Apple Mints is a instant tea based on apple. It has the great taste and texture difference from other competitor.

The reason of using Tea BOH Apple mints is because can make easy lifestyle. In addition, can make good healthy for our consumers. As we know, acts as a diuretic and therefore helps kidney as well as colon functions, aids digestion by stimulating the body’s digestive juices. Tea also helps the stomach muscles’ action and takes the ‘heaviness’ out of a meal. Helps to replace fluids after exercise. After exerting itself, the body...
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