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Topics: Marketing, Market segmentation, Product differentiation Pages: 25 (5678 words) Published: April 24, 2013

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Ms. Doti Chee (Lecturer)

Marketing Principle

Banking Academy of Vietnam, Hanoi

BTEC HND in Business (Finance)

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Feb, 2013

Table of Contents




1.1.Explain the various elements of the marketing process7

1.1.1.Situation analysis7

1.1.2.Marketing Strategy8’s five forces8 matrix9

1.1.3.Marketing mix decision9

1.1.4.Implementation and control10

1.2.Evaluate the benefits and costs of a marketing orientation for a selected organisation10

1.2.1.Marketing orientation10

1.2.2.Evaluate the benefits and costs of marketing orientation for Pepsico11

2.1.Show macro and micro environmental factors which influence marketing decisions12

2.1.1.The influences of micro-environment factors in marketing decisions12

2.1.2.The influences of macro-environment factors in marketing decisions15

2.2.1.What is market segmentation?16

2.2.2.Consumer market:16

2.2.3.Industrial market:17

2.2.4.Benefits of segmentation18

2.3.Choose a targeting strategy for a selected product/service18

2.3.1.Definition of marketing targeting18

2.3.2.Advantages of concentrated marketing19

2.3.3.Criteria of targeting strategy19

2.3.4.The targeting strategy on the two markets20

2.4.Demonstrate how buyer behaviour affects marketing activities in different buying situations20

2.4.1.Definition of consumer and organizational buying behavior20

2.4.2.The differences between Consumer and Organizational Buying Behavior20

2.4.3.The different types of buying situation in the buying process affects marketing activities21 of consumer buying behavior21 of organizational buying behavior21

2.4.4.The factors influence marketing activities22

2.4.5.Consumer and organizational buying behavior on the two markets23

2.5.Propose new positioning for a selected product/service23

2.5.1.Definition of Positioning24

2.5.2.Criteria of positioning strategy24

2.5.3.Show the perceptual map and show competitive positioning analysis25 current position of Gatorade and competitors25 potisions for Gatorade and competitors26

2.5.4.Show how the 4Ps influence the desired position27




The purpose of this report is to show how PepsiCo’s operations be affected by marketing activities. The research includes the information about the internal factors and activities and external factors and activities of PepsiCo are being affected by the company's purpose of Gatorade marketing directly and indirectly. From this report, it can be said that, each of elements like customers and economic situation are equally important for the company to make strategies before penetrate a market. That is how the company targets a segment to promote appropriately and profitably. These criteria below are used as evidence for these impacts. ➢ Explain the various elements of the marketing process. ➢ Evaluate the benefits and cost of a marketing orientation for a selected organization. ➢ Show macro and micro environmental factors which influence marketing decisions. ➢ Propose segmentation criteria to be used for products in different markets. ➢ Choose a targeting strategy for a selected product/service. ➢ Demonstrate how buyer behavior affects marketing activities in different buying situations. ➢ Propose new positioning for a selected product/service.


. Firstly, look at the definition of marketing, we can be understood in many different ways but to summarize, it is the process of finding out information about customers for the purpose...
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