Marketing Mix of Shopper's Stop

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MARKETING MIX of Shopper’s Stop

1. General Products : Shopper’s Stop includes domestic as well as international retail articles and products 2. Private Label: Shopper Stop has also launched their own private labels such as STOP. 3. Others: In addition to the above, Shopper Stop also does promotional marketing.e.g.They launched ZooZoo range and also other similar products have been launched. These also form the part of the Product as SS.

Private Labels of Shopper Stop

1. Shoppers Stop is Indian largest chain of Super Stores and has many stores in whole of India 2. Shoppers Stop Ltd. Excels in Service quality and the stores of a high class feel which is different from Big Bazaar or similar stores.

1. The communication strategy of Shopper’s Stop has been to reach out to the customers in their own style and language 2. SS uses print as well as OOH media to promote the brand. The brand uses brand ambassadors like Kareena Kapoor to endorse the brand. 3. The private label STOP is promoted in store through logo and proper placement in the store adjoin similar national brands 4. Associates itself with Local festivals and events


* SS has a proper mix of both premium and affordable priced products. The brands are sold at MRP and lower. The main USP is the choice given to the customer rather than the Price.

Various Pricing Strategies used by Shopper’s Stop are as below:

1. Premium Pricing
2. Economy Pricing
3. Psychological Pricing
4. Optional Product Pricing
5. Promotional Pricing
6. Geographical Pricing
7. Value Pricing
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