Marketing Mix Management for Spoon Soup

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Question 1

In 2001, The Soup Spoon incepted with partners Andrew Chan, Benedict Liew and Chef Anna Lim with a common goal in mind to create a sensational product that will bring The Soup Spoon to its maiden glories. Today, The Soup Spoon has come up with their sensational product to boast to all soup lovers. They believe that soup should not be just treated as an entrée, instead it should be worthy of being with the big meats like beef or mutton as a main dish. Aiming to cater innovative, fresh and nutritious soups, The Soup Spoon focuses on creating a soup culture where soup takes on its rightful position.

Same as many other organizations, The Soup Spoon provide a set of their own product mix or assortment of product line. Product mix would include four main dimensions, width, length, depth and consistency.

The width of a product mix is known to be the number of product lines the company carries. In the instance of The Soup Spoon, they have a width of four product lines which includes Soup, Sandwich, Salad and Sides.

The length of a product mix pertains to be the total number of items in the mix. The Soup Spoon sustains a length of eleven soups, ten sandwiches, six salads and two sides. With this, we are able to also calculate to average length of a line. In this case it translates to be an average of 7.25.

The depth of a product mix refers to the number of variants offered in each of the product line. The Soup Spoon serves five vegetarian soups and six non vegetarian soups, two vegetarian and eight non vegetarian sandwiches, five vegetarian salads and one non vegetarian salad and two vegetarian sides.

The product mix consistency associates to how closely knead the relationship of the differing product lines are in end use, production requirements, distribution channels or some other way. All products are consumable items however of different ingredients and production method. However they are consistent in making up a consumer’s meal set.

In conclusion, The Soup Spoon consists of a rather narrow yet deep assortment of products.

Question 2A

The Soup Spoon has its vision set on creating the sensational product for consumers to know that other than an entrée dish, soups can actually be served as a main dish together with the other meats and staples. Targeting the market of grown consumers, individuals that are able to finish a standard full size bowl of soup. This said I would like to propose a kids menu.

I am proposing a range of soup for kids, children below the age of twelve. Children below the age of twelve are often known to be smaller eaters, especially the girls of that age group. They do not have the eating capacity of most grown ups. Experts at the Pearson Education, suggest that servings for toddlers should be a quarter to a third the size of an adult portion as large portions can upset and overwhelm their small appetites.

The kids menu would offer toddler portions to those who are below the age of 12. Soups could include Kids Size Beef Goulash or Baby Boston Clam Chowder, with sandwiches such as Tod’s Tuna Mayo or Kiddy Ham Cheese, targeting families to bring their toddlers along. Together with Soup Spoon’s strong belief in providing their customers with fresh and nutritious soup, the Kids Menu will be highly beneficial to the targeted market. In this age group, toddlers have high nutritional needs.

Introducing the kids menu would bring a brand extension for the parent brand, The Soup Spoon. It can also be further classified as a category extension for The Soup Spoon. Brand extensions are advantageous as it facilitates acceptance of new product, reduced risk for the company and provide positive feedback to the parent brand, in this instance The Soup Spoon.

As Soup Spoon has certain influence on their consumers of their current products, being innovative, fresh and nutritious. All parents want the best for their child thus perceiving the great values of the products...
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