Marketing Mix

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Faculty of Technology
Innovation: designing for a sustainable future
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Project Proposal


2Student information2
4Design brief4
5Performance specification5
6Market specification6
7For your tutor7
8Group projects8
9Tutor feedback9



Your tutor will use this form to give approval to your project. It is an essential part of your project work and will be assessed in TMA02.

When you have completed your proposal, include it in your TMA submission for your tutor to approve. Don’t forget to attach any relevant photos, scanned sketches or other electronic materials.


Remember your tutor is available to help you if you need to revise your proposal.

2Student information



Telephone – day

Telephone – evening

Telephone – mobile


Personal identifier

Tutor’s name

Tutor’s email address


3.1Project option – tick one

□ Individual

□ Group (for group options, complete Section 8)

3.2Project title


Table 1Score your project choice against relevant criteria

|Criteria |Score* | | |1 Concern with whole invention, design or innovation process (not just technical | | | |aspects) | | |Relevance to the course |2 Technical or technological content in topic | | | |3 Makes a potential contribution to environmental an/or social, and/or economic | | | |sustainability | | | |4 Appropriate level of technical complexity and novelty of product, device or system | | |Feasibility in available |5 Personal skills and knowledge | | |time and resources | | | | |6 Access to relevant information, people and organisations | | |7 Personal interest and motivation| | |

* Give a score from 1 to 5. 1 = not relevant, feasible or interesting; 5 = extremely relevant, feasible or interesting

4Design brief

4.1Problem or opportunity

Describe the problem or opportunity you have identified in your chosen topic area.

4,2Design context

What is the background to the problem or opportunity you have identified?

4.3Design goal

What do you think any new product/device/system addressing these problems would be aiming to achieve?

4.4Relevant constraints

What constraints may affect any design ideas that you come up with?

4.5Important criteria

What are the most important criteria for a new product/device/system to address the problems identified?

4.6Group project

If this is a group project explain, briefly describe how you have contributed to the information contained in this brief.

5Performance specification

Describe in general terms what any product/device/system you propose must be able to do or the attributes that it should have. Specific solution...
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