Marketing Microwave Ovens to a New Market Segment

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  • Published : August 17, 2011
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Case 5:

I. The advantage of microwave ovens for food preparation

II. The values and customs that might affect opinions about microwave ovens

III. New marketing strategy
1. Target market
-upper middle class
- Indian family and focus on housewife
- single male
2. Long-term marketing programs
- Pay more money for R&D and product innovation
- Building call center to help customer (after sales service) … - Foundation team service and guarantee
3. Short-term marketing programs
- product: microwave ovens with more function and easy to use, with a lot of size that suit with a family. - service: give more service such as: cooking book (uses microwave to cook Indian food), guarantee,… - Price: at most 20,000

- Distribution: focus on big cities
- Promotion:
+ advertising: website, TV, and use image of successful woman who can balance work and family life; media exposure such as in movies where the actors, in one part of the movie, use a microwave for cooking In addition the advertising can focus on man who is husband with message: “Not only woman can do it” + freebie:

+ installment plan: pay half and then have fixed monthly payments afterward

Effects of competition in the market:
-competition tends to drive down the price, but there is a wide contention between prices and volume (chicken and egg problem) - wider diffusion of knowledge because of the competitors’ efforts to educate the market

There is still a huge, untapped market in India for microwaves. Marketing strategy should be tailored to the customs and values of the Indian market.
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