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Executive Summary:

After comprehensive research into the beer market specifically focusing on the four beer brands Little Creatures, Heineken, Budweiser and Victoria Bitter, our group propose the introduction of a new product into the Little Creatures product line. Similar to Heineken, we believe Little Creatures would benefit from the introduction of a Bright Ale keg. This line extension would promote bulk buying of Little Creatures beer and expand their cultural persona by encouraging community gatherings. Which is perfectly aligned with the ethos they have built to date. The sharing of what is one of their premium beers would further attract potential customers through this social networking focal point.

Total Product Concept

“The total product concept is a way of viewing a product as the totality of value and benefits it provides to the consumer” (Elliot, Rundle-Thiele & Waller, 2010, p.204). The theory behind this is that there are four product levels that create the total product concept and differentiate one product from the next. Core Product

The core product is the fundamental benefit that responds to the consumer’s unsatisfied need or wants (Elliot, Rundle-Thiele & Waller, 2010, p.204). Within the context of the beers we have examined this can range from an everyday thirst-quenching beer (Victoria Bitter or Budweiser) to a more premium offering (Heineken, Little Creatures), but ultimately it is a refreshing alcoholic beverage. Expected Product

The next product level is the expected product. This is the attributes of the product that actually deliver the core product that consumers expect (Elliot, Rundle-Thiele & Waller, 2010, p.204). Simply put, this is the vessel that the beer comes in. Whilst all of our products except Little Creatures Bright Ale are available in can form, for the purpose of this project we are examining the bottled varieties. On this product level our four market offerings are differentiated on their most fundamental characteristics. This ranges from the uniquely flavoured hops used in Little Creatures, to the immediately recognisable bottling employed by Heineken. Victoria Bitter is branded as the ‘best cold beer’ and as such consumers of this product would expect to be able to purchase it cold at retailers. The carton packaging is also another important aspect of the expected product level. Each of these products has readily identifiable packaging for the sale of their beer by the case (bright colours, large brand name headings) all of which help to differentiate at the evaluation of options and purchase stage of the consumer decision making process. Augmented Product

Next comes the augmented level. This level involves the non-physical part of the product, consisting of non-expected offerings, which further differentiate brands from competitive (Elliott 2010). In the case of Heineken, Budweiser and Victoria Bitter, they run several promotions in conjunction with major sporting events to allow consumers to share in prizes upon particular team victories i.e. Heinekens “Star Experience”(Heineken 2011), Budweiser’s “VIP trip to the Superbowl”(Budweiser 2011) and Victoria Bitters “Meet the Team”(Victoria Bitter 2011) sweepstake. Little creatures offer free bikes upon visiting their brewery to explore Fremantle on, this extra incentive encouraging people to buy their beer in conjunction with a day out in Fremantle. Potential Product

Finally the Potential product comprises of all the augmentations and differentiations a product might undergo in the given future, emphasis being put on the future product improvement in order to keep the product competitive and hence in the market (Elliott 2010). In the case of Heineken this can be seen in its continual use of state of the art filmic digital effects to create innovative, current marketing campaigns keeping their brand competitive in our ever-increasing digitally orientated world. This...
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