The Australian Beer Industry

Topics: Marketing, Beer, Target market Pages: 13 (4225 words) Published: April 24, 2013
Nick Mish
1952 Petten Street
Brisbane QLD 4000

25 August 2012
Mr R. Murray
Level 7, 68 York St

Dear Mr R. Murray

As per your request I am submitting to you the attached report analysing XXXX Gold Beer in the Australian beer industry titled ‘XXXX Gold in the Australian Beer Industry’, due on the 3 October 2012.

The purpose of this report is to inform you of the company background, product attributes, promotional strategies including target market and marketing mix along with the pricing strategies for XXXX Gold Beer.

Our investigations suggest that XXXX Beer has good market share in the current Australian beer market. However, as outlined in the report falling consumption levels and an increasing number of local and international competitors could reduce this market share if action is not taken.

We have suggested adjustments that could be made to the marketing mix that could potentially help XXXX to compete with international and local competitors in turn resulting in a solid hold on the market share.

I once again thank you for this opportunity. If you have any further questions regarding the content of this report please feel free to contact me on (07) 46613523.

Yours Sincerely

Nicole Ward
Business Consultant


Prepared for: Mr R Murray

Submitted: 3 October 2012

Prepared by:
Nicole Ward

Executive Summary

The below report on XXXX Gold beer in the Australian beer industry reports on the company’s background, the founders Nicholas Fitzgerald and Edward Fitzgerald and the purchase and merge of several companies resulting in the largest Australian owned beer company, the Lion empire. Product information describing XXXX Gold as a product looking at its current industry price and features, taste described as crisp, clean and refreshing, the 3.5 percent alcohol content, 1.9 percent carbohydrate level and the three different distribution containers and size available on the current market. The market share of XXXX Gold beer is also covered in the report, with XXXX’s current yearly market share increase resulting in being name Austrians number one beer. The report looks at the segmentation descriptors climate, gender, age, income level and life cycle that have determined the XXXX Gold’s target market. The product strategy looking at the fact that it is a consumer convenience product and resulting in the product being a regular purchase for the target marker house hold with little time and effort involved in the shopping experience involved with beer. We will look at the positing strategy which is based on the users of the product and what XXXX Gold has done to make sure this product is placed in the front of its target markets minds. XXXX Gold will be described in line with the three levels of product, product item, product line and product mix. Promotional strategies will be covered describing the promotional tools that XXXX Gold has used to communicate the XXXX Gold product to its target market, advertising, public relations and sales promotion are included in this. The report will cover the advantages and the disadvantages to the promotional strategies that have been used looking at ‘XXXX Angles’ the attractive looking females that are directly targeted toward XXXX target market Males. While discussing the disadvantages with the exploitation of females and the venues trends to become more family orientated. Pricing objective that are used sales-oriented pricing objective through market share push as well as status quo pricing objective maintaining prices and keeping in line with competitors. Two perceptual maps one for the introductory stage of the product and the second for the maturity stage with both showing price and flavour as the map dimensions and using beers that are competitors at that stage of the product life cycle.

The purpose of the report was in direct requirement from...
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